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Study Carrels

Study carrels are perfect for curbing wandering eyes, reducing distractions, and incorporating privacy so it is easier to focus on the task at hand. Although usually found in schools and libraries, study carrels can also be used in any location and for those of all ages. Study carrels are ideal for testing, studying, working, reading, using the computer, and especially for those who tend to divert their attention a little too easily.

We carry sturdy, high-pressure laminate particle board study carrels that can stand up to daily, heavy use. Many of our work surfaces of the study carrels are roomy enough to accommodate a laptop or even a computer monitor. Many have a pull-out keyboard surface to house a computer keyboard and a mouse. When you need to add a carrel to another and so on, be sure to check out our add-on units that allow you create rows in any size configuration that suits your space and needs. Our height adjustable carrels are as user-friendly as they are versatile. The work surface height of these carrels can adjust to accommodate any user from children to adults.

Selling only the top brand names such as Balt and Pacon, our study carrels are of the highest quality yet are all offered at the lowest prices possible. We carry our study carrels in varying wood color choices such as teak, cherry, wood-grain and more to easily match any decor. Here at, we offer our customers the best selection of the highest quality at the lowest prices because we believe you should never sacrifice quality for affordability. Shop with us and you really can have it all! From study carrels to desk and workstations to beyond, trust for all office-related items, furniture, and so much more at low, wholesale prices, everyday.

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Balt Floor Carrel, Laminate, 32-3/4w x 24-1/2d x 48h, Teak (BLT89868)

Balt Add-A-Carrel, Laminate, 32-3/4w x 24-1/2d x 48h, Teak (BLT89869)

Pacon Corrugated Study Carrel, 25w x 18d x 17h, Woodgrain Print (PAC91100)

Linea Italia Study Carrell, 23 1/2w x 33d x 48 1/2h, Maple (LITSC800MAP)

Linea Italia Study Carrell Starter Unit, 2-Leg, 31.25 x 23.5 x 45.25, Cherry (LITSC801CH)

Linea Italia Study Carrell Add On, 1-Leg, 31.25 x 23.25 x 45.25, Cherry (LITSC802CH)

Linea Italia Kompass Flexible Home/Office Desk, 33w x 23.4d x 48h, Mocha (LITSH764MOC)

Linea Italia Kompass Flexible Home/Office Desk, Natural Walnut (LITSH764NW)

Linea Italia Urban Desk Workstation, Ash (LITUR600ASH)

Flipside Study Carrel Color Corrugated, 12"x48', 24/PK, Ast (FLP60045)

Flipside Study Carrel, 48"Wx1-1/10"Lx12"H, 12/Pk, Assorted (FLP19279)

Flipside Study Carrel, 48"Wx1-1/10"Lx12"H, 12/Pk, White (FLP1997212)

Flipside Sturdy Carrel W/Corrugated, 12"X48", 24/Pk, We (FLP6000524)