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If you happen to be in the market for Transcription Kits, you have found the right place. Here at we carry all-in-one transcription kits so that you can accurately capture minutes from business meetings, school lectures, conferences, dictated notes, or processing any voice recording clearly and with full clarity. Our transcription kits have high-quality digital recorders that allow you play back your recording without delay so you can listen to the pertinent information immediately following the recording.

When you use our transcription kits, you will never again miss an important piece of information. With our machines’ simple playback and excellent sound quality, you will wonder how you ever got along without them. Our large variety of professional grade transcription kits allow for convenient note-taking and easy usage. Perfect for students as well as business people and beyond, our transcription kits offer such accessories as convenient push button controls, memory cards, headsets, editing functions, file management, and even foot controls to keep the user hands-free.

Shop for the very best in not only transcription kits, devices and transcription accessories, but also other technology products offered at low, wholesale prices, every day. Browse our online superstore for a vast selection of name brand items. Go ahead compare our prices and you will see that we do all of the price comparison for you already. Our prices are deeply discounted on daily basis. Shop with us for great savings on great products and save on everything technology related plus so much more at today.

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Philips Pocket Memo Dictation/Transcription Kit, Foot Control (PSPDPM670002)

PC Transcription Kit, For Use with Philips DVT Recorders (PSPDVT2805)