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Transcriber/Dictation Machines

Transcriber and Dictation Machines are basically tape recorders and digital voice recorders. These machines allow you to record sound, which is usually speech, to be played back later, oftentimes in order to type it word-for-word. They can also be used for recording and playing back music. In fact, one of our best sellers is the voice tracer digital recorder that can capture music in outstanding definition and stunning clarity with its three high-quality microphones for best-in-class music recording.

We also carry a desktop analog mini cassette transcriber system with foot control. This machine is perfect for those users who need hand-free control with its 3-function foot control and optional deluxe headset. If you are searching for a portable four-station listening center audio cassette recorder, we have one that features a built-in microphone and automatic record level and pause control. There is an LED recording and power indicator and features auto shut-off with a quality speaker for clear sound. If you happen to the in the market for pocket memo mini cassette recorders and transcription kit foot pedals, we have a variety to choose from to best suit your requirements.

Whichever transcriber or dictation machine or accessory you are searching for, you can be sure that here at, we have exactly what you need at a price that won’t break the bank. High quality, vast selection, and low prices are what you are sure to find when browsing through our online superstore. Shop for transcription items and accessories along with other technology products at everyday low, wholesale prices. We keep our warehouse fully stocked so your shipment arrives in a timely manner. Shop and see what we can help you save on today!

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Amplivox Portable 4 Station Listening Center Audio Cassette Recorder (APLSL1039)

Philips Pocket Memo Slide Switch Mini Cassette Recorder (PSPLFH038800B)

Desktop Analog Mini Cassette Transcriber System w/Foot Control (PSPLFH072052)

Philips Voice Tracer 6500 Digital Recorder, 4 GB Memory, Gold (PSPDVT6500)

Philips Digital Voice Tracer 1150 Recorder, 2GB, Black (PSPDVT1150)

Philips Voice Tracer 2510 Digital Recorder, 8 GB, Black (PSPDVT2510)

Voice Tracer 2710 Digital Recorder/Speech Recognition SOFTW, 8 GB (PSPDVT2710)

Philips Voice Tracer 4010 Digital Recorder, 8 GB, Silver (PSPDVT4010)

Philips Voice Tracer 6010 Digital Recorder, 8 GB, Gray/Silver (PSPDVT6010)

Philips Voice Tracer 8010 Digital Recorder, 8 GB, Gold/Silver (PSPDVT8010)

Philips Pocket Memo 7000 Digital Recorder, Slide, 2GB, Each (PSPDPM700001)

Philips Pocket Memo 6000 Digital Recorder, Meeting Kit, 2GB (PSPDPM890001)

Philips Pocket Memo 6000 Digital Recorder, Push Button, 2GB, SR (PSPDPM600001)

Sparco Dictation Cassettes, Micro, 45 Minute, 10/Box (SPR51045BX)