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Transparency Films

When you are searching for Transparency Films, you need to shop Dollar for dollar, we have the best selection of quality transparency films that are on the market today. For all of your audio-visual technology equipment, we carry the high quality products you want at everyday discounted prices.

Effortlessly create clear, crisp charts, spreadsheets and graphs that are easy to see and read. Our transparency film sheets will produce interesting, vibrant color with color printers and excellent contrast of black and white for other presentation projects. Made from only the highest quality materials, our transparency films are sure to impress your audience whether you use eye-catching color or bold black and white. You can be certain that your demonstration will hold the attention of viewers and will be clearly seen by everyone. Choose from a wide selection of products. We carry transparency film for your inkjet printer, quick-drying print sheets, laser copier sheets, sheets with a removable sensing strip that includes a special coating for reliable feeding, superior image adhesion and no static. For those last minute visuals, we also offer our customers write-on transparency film. It is not for use in a copier or printer, but is ideal for directly writing on the film using transparency markers. Great for use when brainstorming ideas with a large group of people.

Of course, transparency films can also be used in variety of projects and not just for professional reports. Make handmade greeting cards. Create personalized holiday ornaments. Burn to a silkscreen from your computer designs. Use in school for lessons and lectures as well for job-related seminars and presentations. The only limit is your creativity and imagination. We provide you with high quality products, you make them even greater!

Trust for all of your technology product accessories. Browse our online superstore to see what else you can save on by shopping with us today!

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Apollo Quick-Dry Transparency Film, Letter, Clear, 50/Box (APOCG7033S)

Apollo Laser Copier Transparency Film, Letter, Clear, 100/Box (APOPP100C)

Apollo Color Laser Printer/Copier Transparency Film, Letter, 50/BX (APOCG7070)

Apollo Write-On Transparency Film, Letter, Clear, 100/Box (APOWO100CB)

Apollo Multipurpose Transparency Film, Letter, Clear, 50/Box (APOUF1000E)

Apollo Inkjet Printer Transparency Film, Clear, 50 Sheets (APOCG7031S)

Laser Copier Transparency Film, Removable Sensing Stripe, 100/Box (APOPP201C)

Apollo B/W Laser Transparency Film, Letter, Clear, 50/Box (APOCG7060)

Universal Transparent Sheets, B&W Laser/Copier, Letter, 100 Sheets (UNV21010)

Universal Transparent Sheets, B&W Laser/Copier, Ltr, Clear, 50 Sheets (UNV21011)

Universal Transparent Sheets, Color Laser, Letter, Clear, 50/Pack (UNV21012)

Universal Transparent Sheets, Write-On-Only, Letter, Clear, 100/Pack (UNV21013)