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Cassettes. Hearing the words “cassette tape” is enough to mentally transport us back to 1980-something. Although they are not as widely used today as they once were, cassettes are still in circulation in some circles. They have become quite hard to come by these days, but here at we have cassette tapes for audio and dictation in standard and mini sizes just for those of you who still cannot get by without them.

In 1962, the company Phillips developed a magnetic tape recording system that would allow the user to make a copy of audio sound to be kept on the tape and played back on a cassette player machine. The original cassette tape was initially intended for use in dictation machines, but advancements in high fidelity and audio engineering allowed for uses beyond recording and playback of dictation. Soon cassettes were also used by amateurs in settings that were not professionally-based. Any sound could be recorded and played back at any time. It was not long before the music industry caught on that cassettes were an improvement in sound quality, portability, and convenience over the LP record and started offering prerecorded music albums via tapes.

If you are in the market for blank cassettes in order to record speech, music, or basically any sounds to be played back at a later time for as many times as you would like, you can be sure that has exactly what you need at just the right price. Choose from our selection of cassettes from preferred brand names such as Maxell and Phillips. Our audio tapes ensure quality recording and clear playback acoustics even with repeated usage. Our dictation tapes are specially designed for the rigorous starts and stops that dictation demands. Shop for cassettes and start saving today!

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Maxell Dictation & Audio Cassette, Normal Bias, 60 Minutes (30 x 2) (MAX109010)

Philips Audio & Dictation Mini Cassette, 30 Minutes, 10/Pk (PSPLFH000560)

Sparco Dictation Cassettes, Micro, 45 Minute, 10/Box (SPR51045BX)