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Are you tired of struggling to move around heavy furniture? Check out our quality Furniture Sliders here at that will help you glide just about any type of bulky furniture across the floor with great ease and very little effort.

One of our best sellers are the Master Casters Mighty Movers Furniture Sliders that allow smooth movement of furniture to move across any floor surface. The thick foam cushion conforms to furniture bottom while the polymer plastic base allows for the disks to slide across carpets, wood, ceramic tile, and linoleum flooring without sustaining any type damage to floors. Use to relocate large desks, credenzas, safes, bookcases, file cabinets, and so much more. These reusable sliders can be used as many times as desired offering years of reliability and freedom to redecorate as needed. To save floors from damage, our Top Pick Master Caster Like New Solutions Floor Savers protect floors from scratches and rust stains. The transparent sleeves blend in with most furniture legs. The flexible material conforms to the size and shape of the furniture legs while the cushioned felt tips lasts even longer than the standard felt tips. Perfect for use on hard floor surfaces in restaurants, hotels, and in other areas where aesthetics as well as durability are important. These floor saver covers install on round as well as square legs in mere seconds with no tools required.

Do not take a chance on damaging your floors or attempting to wrestle heavy furniture alone without furniture sliders and floor savers. Shop for top quality furniture sliders, gliders and floor savers at low, wholesale prices, every single day. Affordable prices, vast selection, quality products, and exceptional customer service are what sets us apart from other online stores. Shop with us and experience the difference today!

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Master Caster Mighty Movers Furniture Sliders, Round, 4 Disks (MAS87007)

Master Caster Floor Savers, Clear, 8 per Pack (MAS88450)

Master Caster Solutions, Floor Savers, Clear, 8 per Pack (MAS88451)