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For schools, conferences and meetings, Pointers are the perfect companion when presenting information to a group of people. Simple to use and easy to see, pointers are convenient enough for everyday use. Choose the one that is right for you and your location. Here at CleanItSupply.com we have a vast variety of pointers that will surely steer you in the right direction in selecting the ideal one for your next presentation.

Pointers used to only be a long thin stick with a rubber or plastic tip on the end for pointing. Today, pointers have come a long way from the days of the wooden stick. Laser pointers can be seen from afar in all types of lighting and presenters can point to items that are a reasonable distance from them with great ease. Helpful for teachers, presenters and beyond, pointers come in many different sizes, styles and ranges depending upon the setting. Pinpointing details at an extensive range, some with a barrel as compact as a pen, pointers are a breeze to carry around or put away when not in use.

From laser pointers that project 655 feet for small venues to lasers that project up to 500 yards, our pointers are just what you need for your next lecture or seminar. If you will be giving a lengthy presentation, we offer pointers with a cushioned rubber grip to reduce fatigue. Sometimes you may require something a bit more than a simple red laser pointer. We carry a handy pointer that allows the user to instantly switch from presenter mode to taking over the cursor of your computer when giving PowerPoint or Keynote presentations and then switch back again. Whichever type of pointer is right for you, you can be certain that CleanItSupply.com has exactly the one you need. We carry a vast selection of top quality products at wholesale prices. Shop with us and start saving today!

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Apollo Pen-Size Pocket Pointer w/Clip, Extends to 24-1/2", Silver (APO18001)

Kensington Presenter Expert, Wireless, Green Laser, Class 2 (KMW72426)

Kensington Wireless Presenter Pro with Green Laser Pointer, 150 ft. (KMW72353)

Kensington Presenter Expert, Wireless, Green Laser, 2G Memory (KMW72427)

Quartet Executive Metal Laser Pointer, Projects 500 Yards, Silver (QRTMP1350Q)

Quartet Class Three Laser Pointer, Projects 500 Yds, Graphite Gray (QRTMP2703GQ)

Quartet Class Comfort Laser Pointer, Projects 500 Yards, Blue (QRTMP2700BQ)

Quartet Class Two Comfort Laser Pointer, Projects 150 Yards, Gray (QRTMP2703G2Q)

Quartet Remote and Laser Pointer, Projects 655 Feet, Black (QRT73370)

Quartet Class 3 Economy Pocket Laser Pointer, Projects 500 Yds, Blk (QRTMP1100Q)

Quartet Standard Pen Size Laser Pointer, Projects 382 Yards, Black (QRTMP1200Q)

Quartet Three Classic Laser Pointer, Projects 500 Yards, Blue (QRTMP2703BQ)

Quartet Class Three Red Dot Laser Pointer, Projects 500 Yds (QRTMP2703TQ)

Quartet Class Two Standard Pen Size Laser Pointer, Black (QRTMP1202Q)

Kensington Presenter Expert, Wireless, Red Laser, Class 2 (KMW72425)

Class Three Laser Pointer w/Pocket Clip, Projects 500 Yards, Blue (QRTMP1650Q)

Quartet Class Two Four-Function Executive Laser Pointer, Silver (QRTMP2800Q)

Smk-link Electronics RemotePoint Navigator 2.4, Class 2,Black/Silver (SKKVP4150)

Smk-link Electronics RemotePoint Global Presenter, 100 ft, Red (SKKVP4350)