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Turn it up! When you need to be heard, you need an Amplifier. An amplifier is an electronic device that increases the power of a signal and increases sound. The first practical electronic device that increased sound was invented by Lee De Forest in 1906 which then paved the way for the first amplifiers in 1912. Although today's amplifiers are made differently than those from the last century, the product outcome is still the same: intensified sound.

Amplifiers are ideal in many situations and there are various types to fit your needs. A personal adjustable waistband amplifier is perfect for presenters, teachers and coaches. Speak without straining your voice and still be heard loud and clear. These personal amplifiers can be used indoors and out. If you are in the market for an audio processor amplifier, we carry those, too. An audio processor enhances standard and wideband VoIP along with PBX phone systems allowing for increased speech clarity, call quality, noise reduction and equalizes volume. If you are looking to use a single headset for both your computer and telephone, the headset switcher multimedia amplifier is for you. Perfect for computer-based training, desktop conferencing, and for use by disabled employees. With the installation of speech recognition software, users can interchange directly with the computer through a Plantronics headset. This type of amplifier is easy to operate and use with simple button controls for handset and headset and also telephone and audio selections. Volume adjustment button is separately controlled. Compatible with most audio devices.

Whichever type of amplifier is right for you and your unique wants and requirements, you can be certain that has the technology products you are in the market for at the right price. Be sure to peruse our vast online superstore to see what else you can save on by shopping with us today.

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Amplivox BeltBlaster Personal Waistband Amplifier, 5 Watts, 1 1/2 lb. (APLS207)

Plantronics Vista M22 Audio Processor (PLNM22)

Plantronics MX-10 Headset Switcher Multimedia Amplifier (PLNCATMX10)

Amplivox Bluetooth Wireless Portable Media Player PA System, 36W (APLSW725)

Rca Indoor Omni-Direction Flat Digital TV Antenna, 50-Mile Range (VOXANT1450BE)