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When shopping for Headset Accessories, we have you covered for less. Here at CleanItSupply.com, we carry all types of accessories for your desktop telephone headset that will make your life easier and they won’t break the bank.

Did you know that it is recommended that ear cushions be replaced every six months or sooner? We carry quality ear cushions for Plantronics headset phones. Be sure to get a few so you already have extras on hand when needed. For your Plantronics phone headsets, we have replacement voice tubes that will assist in clearer telephone calls. Interested in remotely answering and ending your calls? Invest in a handset lifter for Plantronics phone amplifiers with cordless and corded handsets. This compact handset lifter will maximize wireless headset convenience with its one-touch application that is easy-to-install and operate within minutes of connection. For the ZuM DECT Headset, we carry a Spracht remote handset lifter that will work with almost all phones with a handset that has RJ11 jacks. This lifter fits on your phone and allows the user to answer and end calls when you are away from your desk with the touch of a button on the wireless headset. We also carry electronic hookswitch cables to electronically communicate with your phone eliminating the need for a HL10 lifter. For improved work efficiency, our USB adapter/audio processor allows for walkaway convenience with superior noise and echo cancellation for improved clarity in phone conversations.

Whichever headset accessory you may need, be sure to browse through our online superstore for all of our technology products. Our prices will attract you but our product quality and excellent service will make you a repeat customer. See what we may have in store for you. Shop CleanItSupply.com for headset and other telephone accessories and start saving today!

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Plantronics Voice Tube for H81/H91/H101 (PLN2996001)

Plantronics Voice Tube for Plantronics H-31/41/51/61 Headset Phones (PLN1759301)

Plantronics SAVI Electronic Hookswitch Cable (PLNAPV63)

Plantronics Polycom Electronic Headset Hookswitch Cable (PLNAPP51)

Plantronics Ear Cushion for H-51/61/91 Headset Phones, Pair (PLN1572905)

Handset Lifter for Plantronics Phone w/Cordless/Corded Headsets (PLNHL10)

Spracht HL-2010 Remote Handset Lifter, Black, Each (SPTRHL2010)

Plantronics DA80 USB Adapter/Audio Processor (PLNDA80)

Plantronics APC-43 Electronic Hookswitch Cable, Black (PLNAPC43)

Plantronics MDA 100 Phone Switch, Black, 1 Each (PLNMDA100QD)

Spracht Konf Buds TW Wireless Bluetooth Ear Buds, Black/Silver (SPTHS2040)

Maxell NB201 Stereo Neckband Headphones, Black, 49.5" Cord (MAX190316)

Maxell B-13 Bass Earbuds with Microphone, Black, 52" Cord (MAX199621)

Maxell B-13 Bass Earbuds with Microphone, White, 52" Cord (MAX199725)

Maxell Bluetooth Headphones, Black, 20" Cord, Each (MAX199742)

Maxell Bluetooth Headphone with MIC, Foldable, Black/Green (MAX199752)

Plantronics Blackwire 5210, Monaural, Over The Head Headset (PLNC5210)

Spracht ZuM Maestro SPT-HS2020, Monaural, Over the Head Headset (SPTHS2020)

Spracht ZuM Maestro HS-2051, Binaural, Over the Head Headset (SPTHS2051)

Spracht ZuM Maestro HS-2060, Monaural, Over the Head Headset (SPTHS2060)

Spracht ZuM ZuMRJ9M, Monaural, Over The Head Headset (SPTZUMRJ9M)