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If you are an educator or simply happen to give many professional presentations, a Presenter is the perfect tool to give your meeting, conference, and lecture the enhancement it needs to keep your audience focused and interested. When using Keynote, PowerPoint or other similar software, presenters will allow the user to easily navigate through slide presentations. Presenters are ideal for use when presenting in not only smaller meeting or conference rooms, but also for much larger venues such as auditoriums and lecture halls. Choose the right presenters for you and your requirements.

We offer many different types of presenters by top brand name manufacturers such as Logitech, Quartet, Innovera and Kensington. Whether you are searching for a presenter that is handy to travel with or one with all the bells and whistles, we have what you want. Stand out with our high visibility green laser that is seven times brighter than a standard red laser. Use in larger settings with bright projectors and screens. Convenient to carry and store, this pen-style design also includes a protective metal case when pointer is not in use. If looking for a versatile presenter with both red and green laser options in one pointer, we carry those, too.

Whichever type of presenter is right for you, you can be sure that has exactly what you are looking for at a price point that will not break the bank. Top quality products offered at low, wholesale prices, is your one-stop shop for all audio visual equipment and technology products. Browse through our online superstore. You will be amazed at the range of products, our vast selection of items in those categories, our high quality, our everyday low prices, and if needed, our stellar customer service. Experience for yourself the difference. Shop and save with us today!

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Innovera Wireless Presenter w/Laser Pointer, Matte Black (IVR61101)

Logitech Wireless Presenter w/Green Laser Pointer, Black (LOG910001350)

Logitech Wireless Presenter w/Laser Pointer, Matte Black (LOG910001354)

Quartet Brilliant Green Laser Pointer, Project 717 Feet (QRT84504)

Quartet Wireless Remote and Laser Pointer, Projects 655 Feet, Black (QRT84502)

Kensington Wireless Remote, Laser Pointer, Projects 65 Feet, Black (KMW33374)

Quartet 3-in-1 Laser Pointer with Stylus and Pen, Projects Silver (QRT85520)

Smk-link Electronics RemotePoint Ruby Pro, Class 2, 75 ft, BK, Each (SKKVP4592)