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Albert Einstein may have said, "Time is an illusion," but there is nothing misleading about our low prices on Office Clocks. Here at we carry a vast selection of clocks for your home and business space. We have a variety of both indoor and outdoor clocks to suit any location.

We offer some of the most popular name brands that consumers have consistently relied upon such as Universal, Chicago Lighthouse, and Bulk Buys, but sell them at wholesale. If you are in the market for an indoor/outdoor clock that is housed in a weather-resistant case that can easily withstand high-humidity and outdoor locations, then you found your perfect match. Our Universal Indoor-Outdoor Clock is our Best Seller. It has large, easy-to-read numbers that can be seen from a distance. This battery-operated atomic clock keeps accurate and precise time through radio contact with the National Bureau of Standards Atomic Clock in Boulder, Colorado. Translate time to military time instantaneously with our 24-hour clock. This energy-efficient Quartz clock provides instant reading of both types of time at a glance. Whichever type of clock you happen to be searching for, we have it. Interested in a cutlery clock for your kitchen? We have it! How about a clock with world landmarks? We carry those, too! We cannot help with time management but we can offer you a clock to better manage your time.

"Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time," Marthe Troly-Curtin once said. Unless you enjoy spending hours shopping around for the best prices, then let us save you some time. offers the best selection of high-quality clocks at low, wholesale prices, every day. Do not waste any more time. Shop for office clocks and so much more. Be sure to purchase from us to start saving both time and money today!

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Chicago Lighthouse SelfSet Wall Clock, 16-1/2in, Black (ILC67400603)

Chicago Lighthouse Atomic Slimline Contemporary Clock, 12-3/4 (ILC67300302)

Chicago Lighthouse Black Quartz Contract Clock, 13-3/4in, Black (ILC67700002)

Chicago Lighthouse SelfSet Wall Clock, 14-1/2in, Black (ILC67800613)

Chicago Lighthouse Contemporary Clock, 16-1/2in, Black (ILC67403302)

Chicago Lighthouse Quartz Flat Rim Clock, 13-1/4in, Silver (ILC67818003)

Chicago Lighthouse Quartz Slimline Clock, 12-3/4in, Black (ILC67300002)

Universal Round Battery Wall Clock, 9-3/4in, Black, Each (UNV10421)

Universal Round Wall Clock, 11-1/2 in, Black, Each (UNV10431)

Universal Round Wood Clock, 12-3/4in, Cherry, Each (UNV10414)

Universal Indoor/Outdoor Clock, Atomic, 13-1/2in, Black (UNV10417)

Universal 24-Hour Round Wall Clock, 12 3/4 ", Black (UNV10441)

Universal Indoor/Outdoor Wall Clock, 13-1/2in, Black (UNV11381)

Chicago Lighthouse Electric Contemporary Clock, 14-1/2", Black (ILC67801103)

Bulk Buys oxygen, 8/Pack (KOLE-BG171)

Bulk Buys Kitchen Cutlery Wall Clock, 1/Pack (KOLE-OB951)

Bulk Buys Kitchen Clock Safe, 1/Pack (KOLE-OB952)

Bulk Buys 55" x 12" World Landmark Canvas Wrap Art with Clock, 1/Pack (KOLE-OC204)

Bulk Buys Round Simulated Wood Wall Clock, 1/Pack (KOLE-OC300)

Bulk Buys Round Black Wall Clock, 4/Pack (KOLE-OC301)

Bulk Buys Square Silver Wall Clock, 5/Pack (KOLE-OC302)

Bulk Buys 12.5" Round Blue/Silver Wall Clock, 1/Pack (KOLE-OC304)

Bulk Buys Quartz Wall Clock, 5/Pack (KOLE-OC403)

Universal Brushed Steel Finish Wall Clock, 12", Silver, 1 AA Battery (UNV10425)

Lorell Clock, Wall, Quartz, Silent Sweep, 12-1/2", Black (LLR61008)

Lorell Clock, Wall, Self-Set, Round, 14-1/2", Black (LLR61009)

Lorell Clock, Wall, Quartz, Silent Sweep, 11-3/4", Brown (LLR61010)

Lorell Clock, Wall, Super Quiet, 12", Black (LLR61011)

Lorell Clock, Wall, Super Quiet, 12", Black (LLR61012)

Orium Quartz Clock, 11.8" x 1.2" x 11.8", Black/Yellow (CEP2110230011)

CEP Orium Goma Quartz Wall Clock, 13.8", Black and Silver, Each (CEP2110450011)

CEP Orium Eleganta Wall Clock, 11.8" x 2.2" x 11.5", Black, Each (CEP2110770011)

SKILCRAFT Wall Clock, Round, 12-3/4" D, Black Case/WE Face (NSN3897944)

SKILCRAFT Wall Clock, Round, 9-1/4" Dia., BK Frame/WE Face (NSN3897958)

SKILCRAFT Atomic Slimline Clock, 12-3/4" Dia., BK Case/WE Face (NSN4919814)

SKILCRAFT Selfset Wall Clock, Hanging Hardware, 12", 1 Each (NSN5573148)

SKILCRAFT Selfset Wall Clock, 9.25", Black with White Face, Each (NSN5573153)

SKILCRAFT Wall Clock, Plastic Body, 14.5", Black (NSN6237483)

SKILCRAFT Self Set Wall Clock, Plastic Body, 14.5", Black (NSN6238823)

SKILCRAFT Movement Wall Clock, Plastic Body, 16.5", Black (NSN6238824)

SKILCRAFT Self Set Wall Clock, Plastic Frame, 16-1/2", Black (NSN6238825)