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Corner Connectors

In order to optimize your workspace, corner connectors are the ideal tool. Easily connect two desks into an "L" shape and provide additional space to spread out and increase organization. Expand your space, not your budget. Corner connectors are the perfect way to add space simply, inexpensively, and quite efficiently. If you need to connect 2 workstations together or a computer desk and a main desk, corner connectors work great in any instance.

Save time, save money, save the aggravation of having to shop for all new office furniture when corner connectors are the best alternative. In order to connect two workstation desks to form an "L" shape, our 27"W Corner Connector Series A in Natural Cherry color is a 1" thick melamine that is resistant to glare, scratches, dents, and even water with the high-impact rubberized molding on the work surface. It is one of our Best Sellers for a reason. The corner connector is a great buy that will transform your work space. It is also offered in Hansen Cherry color to blend better with your existing desks and workstations. To connect a desk and a return to provide more space, simply add our 38000 Series "L" Group Corner Sleeve Connector. The included hardware for the connector attaches to the underside to provide space for computer peripherals or auxiliary devices, such as keyboards, mice, scanners,and more. The work surface is made of a high-pressure laminate with steel reinforced top for added strength.

Whether you are interested in corner connectors to connect two desks in order to efficiently increase your workspace, get better organized, have more room for important files, or to simply have more space for accessories, pictures, plants or other inspirational items for a more productive workday, be sure to trust for the very best in quality, selection, and price.

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Hon 38000 Series "L" Group Corner Sleeve Connector, Black Metal (HON51206P)