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Utility Scrapers & Knives

If you think cutting twine and opening packaging materials are the full extents of uses for your utility knives? Think again. According to Popular Mechanics, there are countless applications for these lightweight, cutting tools that are easy-to use and a breeze to carry. Though most commonly employed in factories, warehouses, and construction projects, utility knives are as useful for the do-it-yourselfers, as for those in maintenance and janitorial lines of work. Whether you need to cut drywall, old carpet, vinyl flooring, roof shingles, or rigid foam board, utility knives could make those jobs much simpler. Perhaps you instead need to slice fiberglass insulation, veneer, dried caulk or grout, cable insulation, or split shims, utility knives can do it all. Need to remove painted baseboards? Utility knives can help. Want to expose popped nail heads or release paint-coated screws? You could probably guess which tools would be best for those jobs. So now that you know what an invaluable tool the utility knife really is, check out CleanItSupply.com’s quick change utility knives in addition to our putty knives, retractable box cutters, safety scrapers and replacement blades – all sold at wholesale prices.

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Unger ErgoTec Nonslip Safety Scraper with Rubber Cover, 50 Each (UNG SR040)

Jiffi-Cutter, Retractable Blade, Safe to Use Design, 12 Box Cutters (CSO 091460)

Safety Klever Kutter, Utility Blade, Stainless Steel, 3 Cutters (SAN KK403)

GreatNeck 1-1/4" Stiff Steel Blade Putty Knife, 1 Each (GRE 15PKS)

Quick Change Retractable Utility Knife, 6 Knives (BST 10-499)

Cosco Jiffi-Cutter Compact Utility Knife w/Retractable Blade (COS091460)

Great Neck Putty Knife, 1-1/4 Blade Width, Black Handle, 1 Each (GNS15PKS)

X-Acto Precision Utility Knife w/Replaceable Steel Blade, Safety Cap (EPIXZ3601)

Unger ErgoTec Safety Scraper with Rubber Cover, 1-1/2" Blade (UNGSR040)

Unger Safety Scraper Replacement Blades, #9, Stainless Steel, 1 Pack (UNGSRB10)

Sterling Mini Razor Scrapers, 24 Scraper (KOLE-MT327)

Stanley Utility Knife, Retractable Blade & Twine Cutter, 6 Knives (BOS10499BX)

San Jamar Klever Kutter Safety Cutter, 1 Razor Blade, Red (SJMKK403)

Titanium Auto-Retract Utility Knife with Carton Slicer, 3 1/2" Blade (ACM18968)

Rubbermaid 2018787 Maximizer 3-in-1 Replacement Scraper, 1.5 Wide (RCP2018787)

PHC Metal Scraper with 5 Single Blades, Retractable, Chrome, Each (PHCCSG22)

Slice Auto-Retractable Utility Knife, 6.1"L, Gray/Green, Each (SLI10554)

SKILCRAFT Snap-Off Repl Blades, 18mm, 8/PK, Silver (NSN6218439)

Sparco Reversible Razor Knives, 1 oz., 1"x3", 144 Knives (SPR01484CT)