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Whether you are looking for a wireless or a traditional corded keyboard, here at we have all types of computer Keyboards at every day, low prices. Offering top brand names such as Logitech, Fellowes, Kensington and others, our quality keyboards are usually in stock and ready to ship so you receive your order quickly. Buy today, use tomorrow!

Choose from ergonomic, Bluetooth, illuminated, mobile, or even antimicrobial keyboards. We have split-design keyboards which provide hot keys for multimedia control. These split-design keyboards conform to the user’s natural hand positions for increased ergonomic comfort. One of our best sellers is our ultra-convenient wireless keyboard that is 20% more compact than standard keyboards so it fits virtually anywhere. If you work in an environment that is susceptible to germs, bacteria, and contamination, our washable keyboards are ideal. Coated with an antimicrobial protective coating, the keyboard is safeguarded from mold, mildew and fungi growth. For those constantly on-the-go, a Bluetooth folding keyboard is the answer. Easily compose emails and other documents that are typically hard to draft on a tablet or phone. This mobile keyboard possesses an ultra-compact, thin profile design that effortlessly folds and stores in its own included carrying case offering increased freedom and mobility. Of course, if you are simply looking for a standard wired keyboard, we carry those, too.

Whichever keyboard you may be in the market for, you can be certain that has got you covered. We offer the best products at the very best prices. has top quality, brand name keyboards that are perfect for your home office as well as your business office location. We offer our customers high quality products at low, wholesale prices, every day. Don’t wait. Experience for yourself the difference. Shop with us today and save!

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Fellowes USB Keyboard w/Microban Antimicrobial Protection, Black (FEL9892901)

Fellowes Split-Design Keyboard w/Antimicrobial Protection, Black (FEL98915)

Kensington Pro Fit USB Washable Keyboard, 104 Keys, White (KMW64406)

Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard, 2.4 GHz/30 ft, Black (LOG920002912)

Kensington Slim Type Standard Keyboard, 104 Keys, Black/Silver (KMW72357)

Logitech K350 Wireless Keyboard, USB Unifying Receiver, Black (LOG920001996)

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac, Full Size, Silver (LOG920003472)

Logitech K810 Illuminated Keyboard, Bluetooth, Black (LOG920004292)

Logitech K270 Wireless Keyboard, USB Unifying Receiver, Black (LOG920003051)

Logitech Tablet Keyboard, Bluetooth, Black (LOG920004569)

Kensington Pro Fit Comfort Desktop Set, Wireless, Black (KMW72403)

Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard, Unifying Receiver (LOG920002359)

Kensington Comfort Type USB Keyboard, 104 Keys, Black (KMW64338)

Kensington Slim Spill-Safe Keyboard, 104 Keys, Black (KMW64370)

Logitech K120 Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard, USB, Black (LOG920002478)

Kensington Pro Fit USB Washable Keyboard, 104 Keys, Black (KMW64407)

Kensington Pro Fit Comfort Keyboard, Internet Keys, Wired, Black (KMW72402)

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard, Corded (LOG920000914)

Logitech K360 Wireless Keyboard, Compact, For Windows, Black (LOG920004088)

Compucessory Corded Keyboard, 18-5/8"x7-1/2"x1-1/3", Black (CCS30225)

Compucessory Wireless Solar Keyboard, 16-1/8"x6"x7/8", Black (CCS50913)

Fellowes Wireless Antimicrobial Keyboard/Mouse, 15 ft Range, Black (FEL9893601)

Logitech Tablet Keyboard, For iPad, Bluetooth, Black (LOG920003676)

Logitech Easy Switch Keyboard, Bluetooth, Mac iOS/OS X (LOG920004161)

Logitech Portable Stand-Alone Wireless Keyboard, Bluetooth, Black (LOG920006701)

Kensington KP400 Switchable Keyboard, 17 1/2 x 4 9/10 x 7/10, Black (KMW72322)

Kensington Pro Fit Wireless Keyboard, 18.38 x 8 x 1 1/4, Black (KMW72450)

Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus, Black (LOG920007119)

Innovera Slimline Keyboard, USB, Silent-Key Tech, Black, 1 Each (IVR69201)

Innovera Slimline Keyboard and Mouse, Wired, USB Port, Black (IVR69202)

Kensington Wired 64 Key Keyboard for iPad with Lightning Connector (KMW72447)

Logitech USB Unifying Receiver, Plastic, Black, 1 Each (LOG910005235)

Logitech Wired Keyboard for iPad, Apple Lightning, White (LOG920006341)

3m Easy Adjust Keyboard Tray With Highly Adjustable Platform, 17 3/4" Track, Black (MMMAKT151LE)

CHERRY EZClean KC 1000 Covered Keyboard, 18", Light Gray, Each (CHYEZN0800EU0)

CHERRY EZClean KC 1000 Covered Keyboard, 18", Black, Each (CHYEZN0800EU2)

CHERRY MX 1.0 TKL Keyboard, Wired, 14.6", Black, Each (CHYG803811LYAE2)

CHERRY MX-Board 3.0 G80-3850 Keyboard, 104-Key, Black, Each (CHYG803850LYDEU)

CHERRY XS G84-5200 Complete Keyboard, 103-Key, Black, Each (CHYG845200LCME)

CHERRY KC 1000 Keyboard, Wired, 18", Pale Gray, Each (CHYJK0800EU0)

CHERRY KC 1000 Keyboard, Wired, 18", Black, Each (CHYJK0800EU2)

CHERRY KC 6000 SLIM Keyboard with Keypad, Wired, Black, Each (CHYJK1600EU2)

CHERRY Stream 3.0 Keyboard, Wired, 104-Key, 18", Black, Each (CHYG8523200EU2)