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Jewel Cases

Jewel Cases help protect DVDs and CDs from dust, fingerprints, and damage like scratches and deep gouges possibly rendering the disc unusable. Whether you are in the market for clear slim jewel cases or perhaps a pack of assorted colors in order to color-code your discs easily and effectively, carries a variety of quality jewel cases that are sure to protect your discs at low, wholesale prices, every single day.

Innovera, Verbatim, and Fellowes all offer a multitude of good quality jewel cases. Choose whichever type of case that suits your needs. Translucent slim cases are great for those who need to view the contents. The slim size takes up much less space than standard jewel cases and the polypropylene construction will not break like the hard plastic cases tend to. Even the assorted colored jewel cases are translucent for easy viewing of contents but the eye-catching colors will allow for simple color coding at a glance. If privacy and confidentiality is an issue or maybe you just prefer the look of the black jewel cases on your shelf, check out our black jewel cases that have interior tabs to hold booklets and a transparent outer sleeve to insert and hold labeling information. These thinner jewel cases are not only narrower but also lighter and yet more durable than traditional jewel cases. The slimmer cases allow the user to safely store your CD and DVD discs in 60% less space than a traditional jewel case.

Whether you need 10 or 200 jewel cases, we at have got you covered. Browse through our vast selection of data storage, media supplies, and other technology products. Our discounted prices will initially impress you, but our quality, selection, and service will make you a customer for life. Experience the difference for yourself. Shop and save today!

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Fellowes Thin Jewel CD Case, Clear/Black, 50 Cases (FEL98330)

Fellowes Thin Jewel Case, Plastic, Clear/Black, 100/Pack (FEL98335)

Innovera Slim CD Jewel Cases, Assorted Colors, 10/Pack (IVR81910)

Innovera CD/DVD Polystyrene Thin Line Storage Case, Clear, 50/Pack (IVR85826)

Fellowes Thin Jewel CD Case, Clear/Black, 25 Cases (FEL98316)

Innovera Standard DVD Case, Plastic, Black, 10 Cases (IVR72810)

Innovera Slim CD Case, Polypropylene, Clear, 25 Cases (IVR81900)

Innovera CD/DVD Polystyrene Thin Line Storage Case, Clear, 100/Pack (IVR85800)

Innovera CD/DVD Polystyrene Thin Line Storage Case, Clear, 25/Pack (IVR85825)

Verbatim TRIMpak CD/DVD Case, Clear, 200 Cases/Pack (VER93975)

Verbatim TRIMpak CD/DVD Case, Assorted Colors, 10/Pack (VER93804)

Verbatim CD/DVD Slim Case, Assorted Colors, 50/Pack (VER94178)

SKILCRAFT CD Storage Cases, Jewel, 25/PK, Clear (NSN5026513)

SKILCRAFT CD/DVD Cases, Clamshell, Plastic, 25/PK, Clear (NSN5547681)

SKILCRAFT Slim CD/DVD Cases, Plastic, 25/PK, AST Colors (NSN5547682)