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Stretch Film

Need to quickly, easily, and efficiently pack a shipment ensuring its safe and secure delivery? carries highly stretchable Handiwrap Stretch Film and Adjustable Hand Dispensers at wholesale prices for the ultimate in cost-effectiveness for your warehouse distribution. Stretch film’s self-adhering plastic elastic construction keeps large pallet load shipments and even smaller items of boxes or packages tightly bound and protected from water, dirt, dust, and damage caused by excess movement in transportation. Stretch wrap is often used to unitize pallet loads and improves stability of shipments by forming a unit load. It even protects against thievery and tampering by securing each load to each other and the pallet itself. Using stretch film to wrap cartons securely to a pallet is one of the most inexpensive and resourceful ways to reduce product loss, worker injury, and pilfering. Use the stretch film in conjunction with the adjustable hand dispensers for ease and convenience.

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Handwrap Stretch Film, 15-Micron Thickness, 4 Rolls (UVS 62018)

Universal Handwrap Stretch Film, Adjustable Hand Dispenser, Each (UVS 89000)

Universal Stretch Film, 18" x 2000' Roll, 60 Gauge, 4 Rolls (UNV62018)

Universal Adjustable Hand Dispenser for Stretch Film Rolls 12 to 18w (UNV89000)

Universal Correction Tape Dispenser, Non-Refillable, 10 Dispensers (UNV75616)