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Keyboard Drawers/Platforms

If you ever wondered why you should invest in a keyboard drawer or platform, then keep reading. The first and foremost reason to use a keyboard drawer is for health reasons. Almost everyone uses computers nowadays not only in the workplace buy also at home. Proper body alignment is imperative to prevent common injuries associated with daily computer use. When considering your long-term safety and welfare, you will notice that keyboard trays can reduce tension in your shoulders and arms preventing such ailments such as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Strain Injury. Such conditions can be quite painful on your hands, wrists, and forearms. Yet a quality platform or keyboard drawer can lessen the affects of daily computer use when typing and using the mouse.

Knowing how simple it is to avoid such injuries, it could be a smart idea to invest in such a device ensuring your safety and health is the #1 priority, not to mention increasing your comfort and ultimate productivity. Our keyboard drawers are the perfect addition to your desk or workstation. Offered in a multitude of colors and styles, it is easy to find a keyboard drawer or platform that is right for you. Whether you are searching for a standard keyboard tray or an ergonomic, swivel-tilt keyboard tray that also offers height adjustment, you will find it here. carries everything you need to make your home and business office more comfortable and productive at an affordable price. When shopping with you will never have to choose between quality and affordability. We sell our office furniture and accessories at low, wholesale prices everyday so you do not have to pick and choose what you can afford right now. You can get it all with us! The next time you are in the market for keyboard drawers, platforms, or other office related products, be sure to think first - where quality and affordability go hand-in-hand.

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Bush Articulating Keyboard and Mouse Tray Accessory (BSHAC9980103)

Bush Universal Keyboard Shelf Accessory Black, Each (BSHAC9980803)

Fellowes Keyboard Manager w/ Comfort Glide, 19-1/2 x 11-1/2, Black (FEL8060201)

Fellowes Office Suites Underdesk Keyboard Drawer, Adjustable, Black (FEL9140303)

Ergonomics  Boomerang Board Corner Workstation Platform, Black (EGCECI810REF)

Ergonomic Articulating Keyboard/Mouse Platform, 27 x 12, Black (EGCECI910SPL)

Fellowes Adjustable Keyboard Manager, 21-1/4 x 10, Black/Silver (FEL8031301)

Fellowes Professional Corner Executive Keyboard Tray, Black (FEL8035901)

Fellowes Designer Suites Compact Keyboard Tray, 19 x 9-1/2, Black (FEL8017801)

Fellowes Adjustable Keyboard Platform, 19 x 10-5/8, Black (FEL8029801)

Fellowes Executive Adjustable Keyboard Tray, 19-1/16x10-5/8, Black (FEL8036101)

Fellowes DeskReady Keyboard Drawer, 19-3/16 x 9-13/16, Black Pearl (FEL8038302)

Fellowes Deluxe Keyboard Drawer, 20-1/2 x 11-1/8, Black (FEL8031207)

Fellowes Professional Premier Adjustable Keyboard Tray, Black (FEL8036001)

Fellowes Tilt 'N Slide Keyboard Manager, 19-1/2 x 11-7/8, Black (FEL8060101)

Kelly Computer Supply Leverless Lift N Lock Keyboard Tray, 19 x 10 (KCS69575)

Leverless Lift N Lock California Keyboard Tray, 28 x 10, Blk (KCS69505)

Hon Slide-Away Keyboard Platform, Laminate, 21-1/2w x 10d, Mahogany (HON4022N)

Hon Oversized Keyboard Platform/Mouse Tray, 30 x 10, Black (HON4028P)

Kensington Comfort Keyboard Drawer with SmartFit System, Black (KMW60004)

Kensington Adjustable Keyboard Platform with SmartFit System, Black (KMW60718)

3m Adjust Keyboard Tray, Adjustable Platform, 23" Track, Black (MMMAKT150LE)

3m Knob Adjust Keyboard Tray, Standard Platform, Black (MMMAKT60LE)

3m Tool-Free Install Knob Adjust Keyboard Tray, Platform, Black (MMMAKT65LE)

3m Locking Keyboard Tray, Standard Platform, 21-3/4" Track, Black (MMMAKT70LE)

3m Adjustable Keyboard Drawer, 28-7/8 x 16-7/8, Black/Charcoal Gray (MMMKD90)

3m Underdesk Keyboard Drawer, 23 x 14, Black, 1 Each (MMMKD45)

3m Knob Adjust Keyboard Tray, Highly Adjustable Platform, Black (MMMAKT80LE)

3m Easy Adjust Keyboard Tray, Standard Platform, 23" Track, Black (MMMAKT90LE)

3m Adjust Keyboard Tray, Standard Platform, 17-3/4" Track, Black (MMMAKT91LE)

3m Sit/Stand Easy Adjust Keyboard Tray, Standard Platform, Black (MMMAKT170LE)

Safco Adjustable Keyboard Platform with Mouse Tray, Black (SAF2135BL)

Safco Premium Keyboard Drawer, 21-3/4 x 13-1/4, Charcoal (SAF2213)

Safco Premier Series Keyboard Platforms, 27w x 11-1/2d, Black (SAF2145BL)

Safco Xpressions Keyboard Tray, Steel, 25w x 15-3/4d x 1-3/4h, Black (SAF1940BL)

Fellowes Designer Suites Premium Keyboard Tray, 19 x 10-5/8, Black (FEL8017901)

Fellowes Adjustable Keyboard Platform, 20-1/4 x 11-1/8, Black/Gray (FEL93841)

Hon Slide-Away Keyboard Platform, Laminate, 21-1/2w x 10d, Harvest (HON4022C)

Innovera Standard Desktop Keyboard Drawer, 22" x 15.59" x 3.54", Gray (IVR53001)

Innovera Standard Underdesk Keyboard Drawer, Black (IVR53010)

Kelly Computer Supply Clamp On Mouse Platform, 7.75w x 8d x .5h, Blk (KCS10405)

Kelly Computer Supply Underdesk Keyboard Tray w/Oval Mouse Platform (KCS39180)

Kensington Comfort Desktop Keyboard Drawer, 26 x 13-1/2, Black/Gray (KMW60006)

Kensington Articulating Keyboard Platform w/SmartFit System, Gray (KMW60066)

Kensington Keyboard Drawer with SmartFit System, 14-1/2 x 23, Black (KMW60717)

3m Sit/Stand Easy Adjust Keyboard Tray, Highly Adjustable Platform (MMMAKT180LE)

Safco Ergo-Comfort Articulating Keyboard/Mouse Platform, 28 x 11-3/4 (SAF2137)

Compucessory Keyboard Tray,w/Articulating Arm,22-1/2"x11-3/4",Black (CCS25004)

Lorell Underdesk Keyboard Drawers, Mouse Station, Black, 1 Each (LLR25005)

Ergotron Neo-Flex Underdesk Keyboard Arm, 27 x 9, Black (ERG97582009)

Hon Articulating Keyboard Platform with Mouse Tray, 25 x 10-1/2, Black (HON1706)

Hon Maestro Articulating Keyboard/Mouse Tray, 18-3/4w x 11-1/2d, Black (HON2107)

Safco Knob-Adjust Keyboard Platform, 25w x 9-1/2d, Black (SAF2133BL)

Ergotron LX Wall Mount Keyboard Arm, Polished Aluminum/Black (ERG45246026)

Fellowes Desktop Edge Keyboard Lift, 18 4/9 x 8 3/8, Black/Gray (FEL9473401)

Ergotron WorkFit-S Sit-Stand Workstation Without Worksurface, Dual (ERG33341200)

Lorell Essential Series Walnut Laminate Keyboard Tray (LLR69992)

Lorell Mahogany Laminate Keyboard Tray, Melamine Laminate, 1 Each (LLR87523)

Lorell Cherry Laminate Keyboard Tray, 26"x15.8", 1 Each (LLR87526)

Lorell 97000 Modular Desk 19" Center Drawer, 1 Each (LLR97133)

Lorell Adjustable Desk Riser, Gas Lift, 19.5 x 35.5 x 35.8 (LLR99553)

Lorell Adjustable Gas Lift Desktop Riser, 35.5"W x 19.5"H, White, (LLR99554)

Lorell Adjustable Desk Riser, 32" X 21" X 16", White (LLR99901)

Lorell Deluxe Adj Desk Riser, 37-1/2"X20-1/2"X16", White, 1 Each (LLR99902)

Lorell Ultra-Slim Desk Riser, 32" x 22" x 17",White Top/Natural Frame (LLR99980)

Lorell Ultra-Slim Desk Riser 32" x 22" x 17", Black Top/Natural Frame (LLR99981)

Lorell Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Riser, 40 Lb. Capacity, Black (LLR99983)

Lorell Sit-Stand Desk Riser, 40 Lb. Capacity, White (LLR99984)

Alera AdaptivErgo Clamp-On Keyboard Tray, 27 1/2" x 12 1/4", Black (ALEKBT1B)

Victor DC400 High Rise Electric Standing Desk Workstation (VCTDC400)

Fellowes Lotus VE Sit-Stand Dual Workstation, Black, Each (FEL8082001)

Hon Center Drawer W/Core Removable Locks, 24-3/4 x 14-3/4 x 3, Lt Gray (HOND8Q)

Victor Height Adjustable Standing Desk w/Keyboard Tray, 31"W, Gray (VCTDCX710)

Fellowes Standard Monitor Riser, 13.38w x 13.63d x 6h, Graphite (FEL9169301)

Lorell Keyboard Tray, 26"X15-3/8"X3/4", Weathered Charcoal (LLR69567)

Lorell Center Drawer, Universal, 26"X15-3/8"X3-5/8", Wc (LLR69568)

Lorell Corner Desk Riser, Adjustable, 45-3/5"Wx31"Lx18-1/10"H, BK (LLR82014)

Lorell Riser, X-Type, 20"Wx31-1/2"Lx16-1/2"H, Black (LLR99539)

Lorell Riser, Stepless, 25-1/4"Wx17-1/4"Lx15-3/4"H, Black (LLR99540)

Lorell Keyboard Tray, Mountable, 10-9/10"Wx28-1/2"Lx5"H, Black (LLR99543)

Lorell Monitor Riser, Height Adjustable, 19-3/4"Wx7-9/10"Lx4"H, Bk (LLR99991)

Lorell Electric Monitor Riser, USB, Wireless Charging, Black, Each (LLR99530)

Lorell Desk Riser, Portable, 19"Wx10"Lx15"H, Silver (LLR00078)

Lorell Keyboard Tray, F/Essentials Desks, 26"X15-2/5"X3-3/5", Epo (LLR18225)