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Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are not just for conferences, wedding receptions, or parties. They are very useful items to have in your home or office for a variety of reasons.  Our folding chairs are not only reasonably priced, but they provide comfortable seating in a pinch. Quick to open and set up and a cinch to close and tuck away when not in use, our steel chairs and padded folding chairs are ideal for spaces that have limited room for permanent additional seating such as apartments, dormitories, tight offices, conference rooms, lunch rooms or break rooms. With braces on the legs of the folding chairs to reinforce strength, the sturdy steel construction provides durability while the rubber caps on the feet protect the floors. Feel like an all-steel chair is not luxurious enough? Check out our padded seated folding chairs outfitted with the strength of our all-steel chair but with the comfort of upholstery. Make the most of the space you have while offering the seating you need with our steel folding chairs at wholesale prices. Don’t be left scrambling for a place for your guests to sit while they are standing awkwardly wishing they were not in that situation. Be prepared with our steel chairs and padded folding chairs at wholesale prices from

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Hon All-Steel Folding Chairs, Light Beige, 4/Carton (HONFC01LBG)

Lorell Folding Chairs,Steel Seat,19-3/8"x18-1/4"x29-5/8",4/CT,BG (LLR62500)

Lorell Folding Chairs,Padded Seat,19-3/8"x18-1/4"x29-5/8",4/CT,BG (LLR62501)

Lorell Folding Chair, 18-1/2"x21-7/8"x33-1/8", 4/CT, Platinum (LLR62515)

Lorell Guest Chair, 24 x 27 x 26, Black, 2 Chairs (LLR84374)

Lorell Chairs,Folding, 400 Lb Cap,19-3/4"X18-1/4"X31",Smoke, 4 Chairs (LLR62529)

Lorell Chairs, Folding, 400 Lb Cap, Clear, 4 Chairs (LLR62530)

Lorell Chairs, Folding, 400 Lb Cap, 29-1/2"X2"X23-1/3", Bk, 4 Chairs (LLR62532)

Lorell Chairs, Folding, 400 Lb Cap, 29-1/2"X2"X23-1/3", BG, 4 Chairs (LLR62533)

Alera Premium Molded Resin Folding Chair, White, 4 Chairs (ALEFR9302)

Alera SL Series Nesting Stack Chair with Casters, Black, 2/Carton (ALESL651)

Lorell Nesting Chairs with Arms, Black, 2 Chairs (LLR41845)

Lorell Nesting Chairs, Mobile, 20-1/4"x22-7/8"x35-3/8", 2/CT, BK (LLR41846)

Lorell Nesting Chairs w/Arms, 24-3/8"x22-7/8"x35-3/8", 2/CT, BK (LLR41847)

Lorell Nesting Chairs, Mobile, 24-3/8"x22-7/8"x35-3/8", 2/CT, BK (LLR41848)