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Classroom Products Compass, 10" Maximum Diameter, Plastic, Orange (LRNLER45761)

Acme United Soft Touch School Compass With Microban Protection (ACM14377)

Chartpak Masterbow Compass, 10" Maximum Diameter, Steel, Chrome (CHA401N)

Charles Leonard Ball Bearing Compass, 12" Maximum Diameter, Metal (LEO77360)

Flange Wizard Tools Radius Marker, Aluminum, 1 Each (FLA72805)

Charles Leonard Compass With Safety Tip, 12", Silver, Dozen (LEO77365)

Sparco Lightweight Geometric Compass, Plastic, Blue, 1 Each (SPR38277)

Helix Angle/Circle Maker, Protractor/Compass, 360 Degrees (HLX36002)

Helix Compass, Locking, Plastic, Assorted, 1 Each (HLXX37280)