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Fire Extinguishers

Don't get caught off guard when it matters the most! Be safe and prepared for a fire with a fire extinguisher. Whether you are shopping for your home or business, fire extinguishers have been known to save lives when an unexpected fire erupts. Water just does not cut it nor do other home remedies work as effectively and efficiently as a fire extinguisher in controlling or putting the fire out. You should ideally place one in every kitchen, workshop, and near any place that houses hazardous or flammable materials. Even if you happen to already have fire extinguishers, for safety & security be sure to check the dates on them and dispose of properly when expired. When an emergency arises is not the time to realize that the contents dried up and it does not work.

Of course knowing which fire extinguishers will work best for a specific types of situation is important to preventing damage and more importantly saving lives. A fire is not just a fire. There are 3 types of fires and there are 4 kinds of fire extinguishers. Type A fire is when paper, wood and plastic are set ablaze. Type B fire is from flammable and combustible liquids. Type C fire is when electrical equipment is burning. Some kinds of fire extinguishers are for certain types of fires and you must know which will work for your particular crisis. A water fire extinguisher will put out type A fires. The foam extinguisher will control types A and B fires. A CO2 extinguisher will help stop fire types B and C from spreading. Lastly, the dry chemical extinguisher will put out all classes of fire: A, B, and C.

Fortunately, we carry ABC Fire Extinguishers capable of putting out all three types of infernos to keep yourself, your family, staff, and belongings safe. Our best seller Proline Tri-Class Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers are highly effective protection against all three common classes of fire. Its strong chip-resistant epoxy finish cylinder has an impact-resistant valve and lever with lock-safe, easy-pull release pin. The pressure gauge is reliable and easy-to-read. The commercial, dry chemical design fire extinguisher fits in all standard cabinets and conveniently includes a mounting bracket. When it comes to an emergency such as a fiery blaze, the last thing you should be is ill-prepared. is your one-stop-shop for all types of industrial & safety products. Whether you are in the market for fire extinguishers, or fire extinguisher brackets to hold your new extinguisher, or fire extinguisher signs to quickly alert everyone of the fire extinguishers exact location, we have it all. End widespread panic and put minds at ease with fresh, up-to-date fire extinguishers from Be a real hero and save money while saving lives! Shop our low prices today!

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ProLine Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher, 1A-10B:C UL Rating (KDD 466227)

ProLine Tri-Class Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher (KDD 466204)

Kidde Pro Series Fire Extinguisher, 4LB (KDD 21005779)

Cosco Glow-In-The-Dark Safety Sign, Fire Extinguisher, 4 x 13, Red (COS098063)

Kidde ProLine Pro 10 MP Fire Extinguisher, 4-A,60-B:C, 195psi, 19.52h x 5.21dia, 10lb (KID466204)

Kidde ProLine Pro 2.5 MP Fire Extinguisher, 1-A,10-B:C, 100psi, 15h x 3.25dia, 2.6lb (KID466227)

Headline Sign Glow In The Dark Sign, 4 x 13, Red, Fire Extinguisher (USS4793)

Kidde FX511 Automobile Fire Extinguisher, 5-B:C, 100psi, 14.5h x 3.25dia, 2lb (KID21006287N)

Kidde ProLine Pro 20 MP Fire Extinguisher, 6-A,80-B:C, 195psi, 21.6h x 7dia, 18lb (KID466206)

Kidde Pro 210 Fire Extinguisher 4/Carton, 4lb, 2-A, 10-B:C (KID21005779)

Kidde RB16 Running Board Bracket, For 20lbs Units (KID292474)

Kidde Running Board Bracket, For 10lbs Units, Each (KID366242)

Kidde ProLine Pro 5 Multi-Purpose Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher, 8.5lb, 3-A, 40-B:C (KID46611201)

Kidde Full Home Fire Extinguisher, 2.5lb, 1-A, 10-B:C (KID466142N)

Kidde ProLine Pro 5 Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher, 5lb, 5-B:C (KID466180)

Kidde ProLine Water Fire Extinguisher, 2-1/2gal, 1-A, 10-B:C (KID466403)

Kidde 33-lb. Multi-Purpose Dry Chem Fire Extinguisher, 20-A, 20-B:C (KID468003)

Kidde ProLine Pro 20 MP Fire Extinguisher, 6-A,80-B:C, 195psi, 21.6h x 7dia, 18lb (KDD 466206)

Headline Sign Glow In The Dark Sign, 4 x 13, Fire Extinguisher (USS 4793)

Service Lite Multi-Purpose Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher, 5lb (KID21006204N)

Kidde ProLine Pro 5 MP Fire Extinguisher, 3 A, 40 B:C, 195psi, 5lb (KID466112)

Kidde Residential Series Kitchen Fire Extinguisher, 10-B:C (KID21005753MTL)

Kidde FX511 Automobile Fire Extinguisher, 5 B:C, 100psi, 2 lb (KID21006287MTL)

Kidde Kitchen/Garage Fire Extinguisher, 3lb, 10-B:C (KID466141MTL)

Kidde Full Home Fire Extinguisher, 2.5lb, 1-A, 10-B:C (KID466142MTL)

Kidde Service Lite 5-lb Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher (KID21006204P)