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Call Bell

What could be more frustrating than waiting at a counter and no one is there to assist you? Well, there may be one other thing that could be more aggravating. If you are the establishment owner and just missed that potential customer because the employee who was busy doing other work in the back did not know the consumer was there. Stop that irritating cycle with a service call bell. We offers durable call bells with loud, clear tones that will get the attention they should. Our attractive brushed nickel finish with black base call bells will blend in with any décor. Whether you are in the restaurant, hotel, dry cleaning, or retail store business, or at any reception counter, even for food service windows, our call bells are perfect for guaranteeing no more potential money unknowingly walking out the door because of an ignored customer. Boost your sales and reputation while saving money with’s service call bells sold at wholesale and in bulk. 

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Advantus Call Bell, 3-3/8" Diameter, Brushed Nickel (AVTCB10000)

Ashley Emojis Hand Bell, 3" x 3" x 5", Yellow/Black (ASH10527)

Ashley 3 Emoji Face Call Bell, Yellow/Black, 3" x 3" x 2.25" (ASH10528)