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Lighting Supplies & Bulbs

When you are in the market for Lighting Supplies and Bulbs, be sure to shop for a vast selection of top quality products at everyday, affordable prices. Whether you are looking for power-saving LED or traditional incandescent bulbs, you can be certain that has exactly the lighting supplies you need for your residential location as well as any other business, commercial or industrial areas.

Our Best Seller is the Halogen A-Line Bulb from General Electric. This energy-saving bulb has the same benefits as a regular incandescent light bulb, such as dimming. It has an A19 Shape and soft white color. It also has an impressive 28% energy savings over regular bulbs of the same light output. Other popular Top Picks of ours are the GE Fluorescent Tube and the spiral bulb in addition to the Ledu projection replacement bulb and more. All of these light bulbs are a perfect blend of efficiency, quality and affordability for any industrial, commercial or even residential location. Fluorescent lights are the ideal option in such areas as laundry rooms, workshops, closets or basically any place that can use long-lasting, energy-efficient, low cost lighting. If you are searching for those hard-to-find three-way bulbs or replacement bulbs for flashlights, we carry them all at discount prices.

Whichever type of lighting supplies or bulbs you may be shopping for, you can be confident that has exactly the supplies you need at price that will not break the bank. Trust us for all of your lighting needs. Click to find big savings on all of the top preferred brand name products at everyday low, wholesale prices. Buy in bulk to save even more! Shop with us today for light bulbs and other lighting supplies and start saving with!

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Incandescent Indoor Floodlight, Reflector, 65 Watts, #65RFLMI (GNL 20331)

GE Incandescent Indoor Floodlight Bulbs w/Reflector, 6 count  (GEL24705)

Ge General Use Bi-Pin Halogen Bulb, 35 Watts, 1 Each (GEL34708)

GE Incandescent Reflector Bulb, Soft White, 65 Watts, 125 V, Each (GEL20331)

Ge Incandescent Reflector Floodlight, 65 Watts, 1 Each (GEL48692)

General Electric Halogen Floodlight, Globe, 60 W, Each (GEL73544)

GE Three-Way Soft White Incandescent Bulb, 120 V, 50/100/150 Watts (GEL97494)

Ge Incandescent Globe Bulb, Incandescent, 40 Watts, 1 Each (GEL35156)

Ge Three-Way Incandescent Globe Bulb, 50/100/150 Watts (GEL97785)

Ge Halogen Bulb, Globe, 72 Watts, Bright Crisp Light, 2 Bulbs (GEL78798)

Ge Fluorescent Circular Tube, 22 Watt, Cool White, 1 Each (GEL33774)

Ge Incandescent Globe Bulbs, 200 Watts, Reading Light, 1 Each (GEL89371)

Ge 18" Fluorescent Tubes, 15 Watts, Cool White, 6 Tubes (GEL10143)

Ge Halogen Bulb, Globe, 43 Watts, Bright Crisp Light, 2 Bulbs(GEL78796)

Maglite Replacement Bulbs for AA Mini Flashlight (MGLLM2A001)

Ge Halogen Bulb, Globe, 43 Watts, Soft White, 4/Pack (GEL66247)

Ge Rough Service Incandescent Worklight Bulb, A21, 75 W, 1230 lm (GEL18274)

Ge Rough Service Incandescent Worklight Bulb, A21, 100 W, 1230 lm (GEL18275)

Ge Energy-Efficient Soft White 53 Watt A19, 4/Pack (GEL66248)

MAG-MATE Flexible Flashlight Holder with Magnetic Base (MX20FLNP01)

Mag-Mate Flexible Flashlight Holder with Magnetic Base, Holds 42lbs (MX20FLZP02)

Mag-Mate Flexible Flashlight Holder with Magnetic Base, Holds 80lbs (MX25FLVB02)

Wemo Light Switch, 5.1" x 3.3" x 3.3", 110 V, White (LNKF7C030FC)

Reliable UberLight 2000TL LED Task Light (2000TL)

Reliable UberLight 3000TL LED Task Light (3000TL)

Ge LED MR16 GU5.3 Dimmable Warm White Flood Light, 3000K, 6W (GEL35535)

Havells LED Bulb, A19, 12W/60, Dimmable, 800 Lumens, White (SLT5048528)

Havells PAR20 LED Bulb, 7 Watt, 350 Lumens, White (SLT5048535)

Havells PAR30 LED Bulb, 15 Watt, 750 Lumens, White (SLT5048536)

Havells PAR38 LED Flood Bulb, 20 Watt, Dim, 1100 Lumens, White (SLT5048544)