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Carpenter Squares

Squares are important tools used in a number of industries including carpentry, woodworking, stonemasonry and metalworking. Small but very important items, squares come in a number of designs and are used to ensure that components are perpendicular, but also serve as a means of measurement in inches, fractional inches and sometimes centimeters and millimeters. understands the importance of high quality tools when you are completing a project and we offer dependable tools including an assortment of squares at low wholesale prices. Our online store stocks steel squares, more commonly referred to as framing squares, as well as rafter squares, quick squares, tri squares and combination squares so you can find the perfect square to suit your needs and complete the tasks at hand. For use building roofs, stairways and decks, the rafter square helps to measure and cut angles while a combination square can measure angles, determine flatness, measure the center of a circular bar and also serve as a rudimentary level in a pinch. Line up your cuts with a square then finish the job with our saw parts and accessories. When you shop you get nothing but the best at the lowest prices around!

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Empire Polysteel T-Bevel Square, Adjustable 9" Blade, Black/Steel (EML130)

Empire Heavy-Duty Rafter Square, 12" Edge, 1/8" Graduations, Aluminum (EML3990)