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Soldering Irons and Guns

Soldering is a process in the metalworking industry that has been used for almost 5000 years ago. It is still a reliable and effective method of joining together two or more metal items in the plumbing, electronics and metalwork industries. understands the importance of having high quality tools at your disposal whether you are working in a professional capacity or just spending some time on your favorite hobby. Our online store stocks a variety of soldering tools, including soldering irons and guns at low wholesale prices that will suit any budget. The soldering process attaches metal items together by melting and then inserting a filler metal into the joint, creating a strong, reliable bond. Whether to use a soldering iron or gun depends on the task at hand. A soldering iron is ideal for use in installations, repairs and some electronics assemblies while the soldering gun is useful when soldered joints are made intermittently as these guns cool quickly enough to be set down in between uses. Even if you need welding parts or accessories, no matter what type of products you choose, when you shop with you get nothing but the highest quality tools at the best prices around.

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