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When it comes to cleaning, sometimes the “back-to-basics” method is simply the best way. There really is no substitute to the cleaning power of a broom on a hard surfaced floor, which is why offers a wide array of brooms for all types of flooring. Whether you have to sweep up your warehouse cement floor or are searching for a light duty broom for your home, we have the brooms you need at wholesale prices. Choose from synthetic plastic, natural corn fiber, or sweepers for low-pile carpets and bare floors. Our horizontal floor brushes sweep large surface areas for a more efficient cleaning and are ideal for asphalt and concrete floors, wet or dry, and won’t soften when exposed to grease or water. The hair-like follicles on the corn fiber bristle brooms easily trap and hold dust particles making it perfect for any heavy-duty indoor or outdoor job. Perhaps our washable, flagged-tip polystyrene bristled broom is the right fit for the chores on your list. You might also just be looking to replace your broom heads, in which case, has them here at low, wholesale prices.

Child Categories


O-Cedar Maxi-Angler Broom, 51" Aluminum Handle, Black (DVO91351EA)

Rubbermaid 6385 Angled Broom, 48-7/8" Handle, Silver/Gray (RCP6385GRA)

Scotch-Brite Floor Sweeper, Rubber Bristles, 42" Aluminum Handle (MMMM007CCW)

Rubbermaid 637400 Lobby Pro Dust Pan Broom, Black (RCP637400BLA)

Rubbermaid 421388 Dual Action Floor & Carpet Sweeper, Black (RCP421388BLA)

Rubbermaid 421288 Floor & Carpet Sweeper (RCP421288BLA)

Rubbermaid 637500 Angled Broom, Poly Bristles, Yellow/Gray (RCP637500GY)

O-cedar Broom, Polystyrene Bristles, 51" Handle, 4 per Carton (DVO91351CT)

Rubbermaid 2536 Lobby Pro Synthetic Fill Broom, Black (RCP2536)

Rubbermaid 421588 Brushless Mechanical Sweeper, Black/Yellow (RCP421588BLA)

Rubbermaid Commercial Lobby Corn-Fill Broom, 38" Handle, Brown (RCP6373BRO)

Rubbermaid Commercial Standard Corn-Fill Broom, 38" Handle, Red (RCP6381)

Rubbermaid Jumbo Smooth Sweep Angled Broom, 6 Brooms (RCP638906BLACT)

Anchor  Whisk Broom, Corn Fiber Bristles, 12" Bristles, Metal Handle (ANR500WB)

Anchor Brand Economy Broom (ANRE20)

Anchor Brand Warehouse Broom, Corn/Sotol Bristles, Wood Handle, Yellow (ANRW36)

Magnolia Brush Deck Scrub Brush, w/Handle, 10", 12/Carton (MNL10DT)

Magnolia Floor Brush, w/M60 Handle, Poly, Red/Black, 24 x 60, Each (MNL1124)

Magnolia Floor Brush, w/ Handle Yellow, 24w x 60h, Each (MNL1924)

Magnolia Garage Floor Brush, w/B60 Handle, Plastic Fill, 24w x 60h (MNL2224)

Magnolia Brush Corn-Fill Whisk Broom, 12/Carton (MNL228)

Magnolia Brush Floor Brush w/M60 Handle, 24" x 60" (MNL3724)

Magnolia Brush Lobby/Maid's Cart Broom, Corn Fill, 24" Wide, Each (MNL461)

Magnolia Brush All-Corn Household Broom, 6/carton (MNL5017BUNDLED)

Magnolia Brush Warehouse Broom, Corn Fill, 6/Pack (MNL5036BUNDLED)

Magnolia Brush Mixed-Fiber Contractor Broom, 6/carton (MNL5038BUNDLED)

Magnolia Brush Floor Brush, w/M60 Handle, 24w x 60h, Each (MNL924X)

Weiler Street Broom, Synthetic Fill, 16" (WEI42033)

Weiler Upright/Whisk Warehouse Broom (WEI44008)

Weiler Angle Broom, Flagged Plastic Bristles, 54" Length (WEI44305)

Rubbermaid 2536 Commercial Lobby Pro Synthetic-Fill Broom, Black (RCP 2536)

Libman 499 Housekeeper Broom, 6 Brooms (LIB-00499)

Franklin Cleaning Technology Workhorse Carpet Sweeper, 46", Black (FKL39357)

Rubbermaid Commercial Warehouse Corn-Fill Broom, 38-in Handle, Blue (RCP6383)

Boardwalk Maid Broom, Mixed Fiber Bristles, 42" Wood Handle, Natural (BWK920YEA)

Boardwalk Parlor Broom, Corn Fiber Bristles, 42" Handle, Natural (BWK926CEA)

Boardwalk Parlor Broom, Yucca/Corn Fiber Bristles, 42" Handle (BWK926YEA)

Boardwalk Angler Broom, Plastic Bristles, 42" Wood Handle, Yellow (BWK932AEA)

Boardwalk Warehouse Broom, Corn Bristles, 42" Wood Handle, Natural (BWK932CEA)

Boardwalk Warehouse Broom, Corn Fiber Bristles, 42" Wood Handle (BWK932YEA)

Boardwalk Lobby/Toy Broom, Fiber Bristles, 39" Wood Handle (BWK951TEA)

Boardwalk Push Broom, Poly Bristles, 42" Handle, Black, 12 Brooms (BWK930BP)

Boardwalk Poly Bristle Angler Broom, 49" Handle, Black, 12/Carton (BWK932M)

Boardwalk Poly Bristle Lobby Broom, 38" Handle, 12 Brooms (BWK951BP)

Boardwalk Whisk Broom, Corn Fiber Bristles, 12 Brooms (BWK951WC)

O-Cedar Maxi-Angler Broom, PET Bristles, 56" Handle, 6 Brooms (DVOCB064007)

O-Cedar Maxi-Angler Broom, Polypropylene Bristles, 6 Brooms (DVOCB064205)

Boardwalk Corn Fiber Bristle Broom, 42" Wood Handle (BWK932CCT)

Boardwalk Corn Fiber Bristle Broom, 42" Wood Handle, 12 Brooms (BWK932YCT)

Rubbermaid 2536 Lobby Pro Synthetic-Fill Broom, 37 1/2" Handle (RCPFG253600BLA)

Rubbermaid 9B22 Street Broom Head, 16" Block, 4 Brooms (RCP9B22BROCT)

Mr. Clean 441380 Deluxe Metal Handle Angle Broom, White, 1 Broom (BUT441380)

Black & Decker Large Corn Broom, 16 1/2" Bristles, Orange/Black (BUT261020)

Rubbermaid 638906 Jumbo Angled Broom, 46" Handle, 6 Brooms (RCPFG638906BLA)

Mr. Clean 441382 Deluxe Corn Broom, 55" Metal Handle (BUT441382)

Black & Decker Indoor/Outdoor Push Broom, 24"W, Steel Handle (BUT261086)

Black & Decker Indoor/Outdoor Push Broom, 18"W, Steel Handle (BUT261245)

Butler Corn Angle Broom, 12" Bristles, 54", Metal Hande, White (BUT411212)

Rubbermaid 638906 Jumbo Angled Broom, 46" Handle, Black/Yellow (RCP638906BLAEA)

Boardwalk Mixed Fiber Whisk Brooms, 12", Natural, 12 Whisk Brooms (BWK951WY)

Boardwalk 100% Corn Warehouse Brooms, 60", Black/Natural, 6/Carton (BWKBR10001)

Boardwalk Corn/Fiber Warehouse Brooms, 60", Gray/Natural, 6/Carton (BWKBR10002)

Boardwalk Corn Broom, 56", Lacquered Wood Handle, Natural, 6/Carton (BWKBR10003)

Boardwalk Corn/Fiber Lobby Brooms, 53.5", Natural, 6/Carton (BWKBR10004)

Boardwalk Upright Corn/Fiber Broom, 56", Natural, 6 Brooms (BWKBR10012)

Boardwalk Corn/Fiber Lobby Brooms, 48", Gray/Natural, 12/Carton (BWKBR10016)

Boardwalk Blended Straw Toy Broom, 24" Red Wooden Handle, 12 Brooms (BWKBR10018)

Boardwalk Corn/Fiber Angled-Head Lobby Brooms, 42", 12 Brooms (BWKBRMAXIL)

Impact Large Angled Plastic Broom, Yellow, 53" (IMP91527B)

Boardwalk Warehouse Broom, Yucca/Corn Fiber Bristles, 57", 4 Brooms (UNS932Y4)

Libman Stiff Sweep Lobby Broom, 6 Brooms (LIB-01086)

Quickie Multisurface Pushbroom, 18"Brush, 60 1/2" Handle, PET/Steel, Green/Black (QCK005282)

Quickie 2-in-1 Squeegee Pushbroom, 24" Brush, 60" Handle, PET/Steel, Red/Black/Yellow (QCK006352)

Quickie Multisurface Pushbroom, 24" Brush, 63 3/4" Handle, PET/Steel, Yellow/Black (QCK00639FG2)

Quickie Super-Duty Upright Broom, 5 1/2" Bristles, 54" Handle, Fiberglass, Yellow/Black (QCK7593)