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Safety Cans and Accessories

When transferring flammable or dangerous liquids, you are not only in search of a safe way to do it but an easy way. Here at we offer safety cans, waste cans and accessories necessary to securely and efficiently carry, dispense, store and dispose of hazardous liquids while controlling their harmful vapors. With or without funnels or hoses, we have safety cans in multiple colors for the designation of specific liquids in order to halt any perilous mixing of gasoline, solvents and other combustible chemicals. Homeowners and personnel alike may at some point need to come into contact with some type of dangerous liquid. Be prepared with our trusted top name brand safety cans such as Justrite and Eagle and while being of the highest quality, we offer them at low, wholesale prices. By implementing safety procedures and equipment in your home and work facility, you can greatly minimize accidents and serious disasters. Always make sure to have a first aid kit handy and ensure the safety of your co-workers with safety cans and accessories from At these prices, you truly can’t afford not to.

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Eagle Type II Safety Can, 2 Gallon, Red, Metal Spout (EGLU226S)

Eagle Type l Steel Safety Can, 1 Gallon, Red, 1 Each (EGLUI10S)

Eagle Safety Can, Type I, 2gal, Red, With F-15 Funnel (EGLUI20FS)

Eagle Safety Can, Type I, 5gal, Red, With F-15 Funnel (EGLUI50FS)

Eagle Type I Safety Can, 5 Gallon, Yellow, 1 Each (EGLUI50SY)

Justrite Red Oily Waste Can, 10 Gallon, Lever Lid, Each (JUS09300)

Justrite Safety Can, Type I, 2.5 Gallon, Red, 1 Each (JUS7125100)

Justrite AccuFlow Safety Can, Type II, 5gal, Red, 5/8" Hose (JUS7250120)

Justrite Polyethylene Funnel, Type I Safety Cans, 1/2", Yellow (JUS11202Y)

Steelmaster Tiered Cash Box w/Bill Weight, 2 Key, Steel, Gray (MMF2216194GC2)