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Scraper Blades

Utility knives and scraper blades are ideal for a wide range of general and utility uses, including cutting, scraping and other tasks. understands the importance of a versatile tool and offers our customers a large selection of utility knives, scraper blades and replacement blades. Stanley Tools, Ridgid and Irwin are trusted name brands that customers have relied on for years and we are proud to offer their lines of scraper blades at low wholesale prices suited for any budget. Our online store carries everything from bi-metal utility blades and quick point blades to single edge razor blades, hobby knife blades and more. Morse-Starrett’s wipe rope is a long lasting blade able to deliver a clean cut through wire rope. The Stanley Mitey Knife fits compactly in your pocket or hooked to your keys for easy transport. These are just a few of the products we stock, so be sure to check out our entire selection of utility blades and scrapers today!

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Unger Brute Scraper 4 inch Replacement Blades, 10 Blades (UNG RB10C)

Unger Stainless Steel Safety Scraper, Steel Handle, 50 Each (UNG SR50)

Stanley Tools 11-911 Regular-Duty Utility Blade, 5 Blades (BOS11911)

Stanley Tools Single Edge Razor Blade, 10 per pack (BOS28510)

Red Devil Single Edge Scraper Razor Blade, 10 Blades (RDL3270)

Sparco Single Edge Replacement Blades, 5/PK, Silver (SPR01485)

Unger Safety Scraper Replacement Blades, #9, Stainless Steel, 100/Box (UNGSRB30)

Rubbermaid 2018787 Maximizer 3-in-1 Replacement Scraper, 1.5 Wide (RCP2018787)

Rubbermaid 2018809 Dust Mop Frame w/Handle and Scraper, 36" x 5.5" (RCP2018809)

PHC Metal Scraper with 5 Single Blades, Retractable, Chrome, Each (PHCCSG22)

Slice Ceramic Straight Edge Craft Blades, Rounded Tip, 4 Blades (SLI10518)

Slice Ceramic Utility Blades, Rounded Tip, Dual-Sided, 2.4", 2 Blades (SLI10524)

Slice Ceramic Utility Blades, Rounded Tip, Dual-Sided, 2.6", 3 Blades (SLI10526)

Slice Ceramic Utility Blades, Pointed Tip, Dual-Sided, 2.6", 3 Blades (SLI10528)