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Screws and Bolts

Look around your home or office. We are surrounded by items in our everyday lives that are made from many different parts put together. Whether your furniture is hand-made by a relative or purchased from a big box store needing assembly, the most common method of assembling parts and holding them together is through the use of screws and bolts. understands that as small as these items are, screws and bolts are integral parts of construction. Stock up on wrenches while you’re at it! Available in a variety of sizes, the screws and bolts you use depends on the task at hand and you may have some questions about your choice. Luckily, our customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday. Just call our toll free number or click to chat live with one of our knowledgeable employees who can advise you on any purchase you are making. With prices this low and employees who can help you make an informed decision, why shop anywhere else but Check us out today!

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Precision Brand Socket Head Set Screw Assortment, 1 Kit (PCB12950)