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Toilet Brushes

The most efficient way to clean the inside of a toilet is with a toilet brush. While there are automatic cleaners that supposedly cleanse the bowl with each flush, a toilet brush will scrub the underneath of the rim to truly get it spick and span. Whether you are searching for a toilet brush, a toilet mop, a toilet brush and caddy with or without a plunger, or even a whole toilet brush kit with disposable wands and refills, we have them all and at discount prices. Germs and bacteria are no match for our top-quality toilet brushes manufactured by trusted name brands like Lysol, Clorox and Rubbermaid. Ideal in homes, schools, office buildings, retail, hospitals, and basically anywhere that houses a lavatory. Be sure to also check out our extensive full line of air fresheners and toilet bowl cleaners to be used in conjunction with the toilet brushes and watch your bathroom sparkle and shine. Don’t flush your hard-earned money down the drain, shop at for wholesale prices on all of your restroom and janitorial supply needs.

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Rubbermaid 6310 Toilet Bowl Brush, White (RCP 6310 WHI)
Rubbermaid 6320 17" Commercial Grade Toilet Bowl Brush, Yellow (RCP 6320)
Boardwalk White Tampico Toilet Bowl Brush (BWK6217)
Clorox Toilet Wand Refill Heads, 6/Box (CLO14882)
Clorox Toilet Wand Kit w/Caddy & 6 Refill Heads (CLO03191)
Quickie Lysol Toilet Brush and Caddy, Green (QCK57315)
Lysol Bowl Brush with Plunger and Caddy, 20 1/4", White/Green (QCK57365)
Rubbermaid Toilet Bowl Brush Holder for 14.5" Brush, White (RCP631100WE)
Rubbermaid 6310 Toilet Bowl Brush, White (RCP631000WE)
Rubbermaid 17 3/4" Wood Handle Toilet Bowl Brush, Yellow (RCP630100YEL)
Rubbermaid 6320 Commercial Grade 17" Toilet Bowl Brush, Yellow (RCP6320)
Impact Toilet Caddy & Brush, White, Brush: 6" Length (IMP100CT)
Toilet Bowl Mop, 12" Length x 5-3/4-Inch Head, White Plastic, 100/CT (IMP200CT)
Impact Toilet Bowl Brush With Caddy, 16" Overall Length, White Plastic (IMP333)
Impact Toilet Bowl Brush, 12-Inch Handle, White Plastic, 50 Brushes (IMP3605CT)
Ridgid K-3 Bulb-Head Toilet Auger, 3" Diameter (RID59787)
Scotch-brite Disposable Toilet Scrubber Refill, 3", Blue, 10/Pack (MMM557R106)
Scotch-Brite Disposable Toilet Scrubber Starter Kit, 6/Carton (MMM557SK76)
Clorox Toilet Wand Kit w/Caddy & Refill Heads; 6 Kits per Carton (CLO03191CT)
Clorox Disinfecting ToiletWand Refill Heads, Blue/White (CLO14882CT)
Unisan Value-Plus Cone Bowl Mop, White Plastic (UNS170CT)
Unger Replacement Heads for Ergo Toilet-Bowl-Brush System, 2/Pack (UNGBBRHR)
Unger Ergo Toilet Bowl Brush System: Wand, Brush Holder & 2 Heads (UNGBBWHR)