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Clamps and Spreaders

In order to evenly distribute sustained force, you need a high-quality clamp and spreader to get the job done right the first time. Luckily, carries all types, styles and sizes of clamps and spreaders for you to quickly and efficiently succeed in your project. Since we do not have a second set of hands on our bodies, the right clamp can make all the difference in being able to complete the job on your own rather than waiting around for an assistant. Whether you need to hammer, chop, saw, sand, or glue, a clamp can be very useful in safely holding the object steady and still. While there are many different types of clamps and spreaders, knowing the correct one needed for the task at hand will make the duty much easier. We carry C clamps, L- clamps, bar clamps that convert to a spreader with no additional tools required, ground and battery clamps, crimp clamps, clamp kits, worm drive clamps, and small diameter clamps each can be utilized for specific and some for more general assignments. Unsure which clamp and spreader from our vast selection is the ideal tool for your undertaking? Call or live chat to speak with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives today! Don’t forget to check out our huge selection of lawn and garden tools as well.

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Tweco SGC-300 300 Amp Steel Lever Welding Ground Clamp, Each (VCR92051230)

Proto Forcing Screw, 1.06 lb., 3/4"-12 X 10-1/4", 1 Each (PTO4225S)

Anchor Brand Drop Forged C Clamp, 4 1/2", Steel, Gray (ANR404C)

Dixon HS Series Worm Gear Clamp (DXVHSS10)

Ideal 50 Series Small Diameter Stainless Steel Clamp, 3/8" To 7/8" (ICP5006)

Ideal 50 Series Small Diameter Stainless Steel Clamp, 2 1/8" To 4" (ICP5056)

Ideal 50 Series Small Diameter Stainless Steel Clamp, 3 1/8" To 5" (ICP5072)

Ideal 54 Series Worm Drive Clamp, 7/8" To 2 3/4" (ICP5436)

Ideal 62P Series Small Diameter Clamp, 1/2" To 1", Micro-Gear (ICP62P08)

Dixon MAH Series Miniature Worm Gear Clamp (DXVMAH4)