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Portable Flashlights

At home, in the office, on the job, for your car, in the garage, on camping trips, for children’s sleepovers, or even walking the dog in the moonlight, flashlights are both a necessity and a fun tool depending on their use and purpose. Flashlights have been known in emergencies to save the day during a power outage or can be an important facility supply in a toolbox in several lines of work. At CleanItSupply.com, there are various types of flashlights available such as rechargeable, LED, tactical, lithium, hand-held, head light, pen light, and of course, standard, all sold at wholesale prices. Whatever your preference, whatever the need, you can be sure that CleanItSupply.com has the flashlight you are searching for, in stock and ready to ship. So whether you are looking for a flashlight to fiddle around a dark tight space, become the hero on a camping trip or scare the ghosts away during a slumber party, you can be sure that CleanItSupply.com won’t leave you in the dark.

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Energizer Rubber Flashlight, Large (EVEENRUB21E)
Energizer Metal LED Light, Black (EVEENML2AAS)
Energizer Metal LED Light, Silver (EVEENML2DS)
Energizer Rubber Flashlight, Small (EVEENRUB22E)
Energizer LED Headlight, Green (EVEHDL33A2E)
Energizer Tactical Metal Light, Black (EVEMLT1WAAE)
Energizer Rechargeable LED Flashlight, Silver/Gray (EVERCL1NM2WR)
Rayovac Value Bright LED Flashlights, Black, 3 per pack (RAYBRSLED3PKB)
Rayovac LED Aluminum Flashlight, Black (RAYRNT3AAAB)
Rayovac LED Lantern, Black (RAYSE3DLNA)
Rayovac Sportsman Xtreme LED, Titanium (RAYSE4W3CA)
Rayovac Lantern, Fluorescent Bulb, Black (RAYSP8DTP4)
Rayovac Industrial Metal Lantern (RAY301K)
Rayovac Industrial Tough Flashlight, Yellow/Black (RAYI2DBULK)
Rayovac 2D Safety Flashlight, Orange/Black (RAYIN2MSC)
Bright Star WorkSAFE Waterproof Lantern, Orange/Black (BGT07050)
Bright Star Industrial Heavy Duty Flashlight, Yellow/Black (BGT10500)
Bright Star 14460 WorkSafe Waterproof Flashlight, Orange/Black (BGT14460)
Maglite Mini AA Flashlight, Black (MGLM2A016)
Maglite Mini AA Flashlight, Black (MGLM2A01H)
Maglite Mini AAA Flashlight, Black (MGLM3A016)
Maglite Flashlight, 2C, Black (MGLS2C016)
Maglite Standard Flashlight, Black (MGLS2D016)
Maglite Flashlight, 3C, Black (MGLS3C016)
Maglite Standard Flashlight, Black (MGLS4D016)
Maglite Mini LED Flashlight, Black (MGLSP2201H)
Maglite LED Flashlight, 3D, Black (MGLST3D016)
Pelican Super PeliLite Flashlight, 2C (sold sep), Black (PLC1800CBLACK)
Pelican PeliLite 1800 Flashlight, 2-C, Yellow/Black (PLC1800CYELLOW)
Pelican Pocket SabreLite Flashlight, 2C, Yellow (PLC1820CYELLOW)
Pelican MityLite 1900 Flashlight, Black (PLC1900CBLACK)
Pelican MityLite Flashlight, Orange (PLC1900CORANGE)
Pelican MityLite 1900 Flashlight, 2-AAA, Yellow (PLC1900CYELLOW)
Pelican SabreLite 2000 Flashlight, 3-C, Black (PLC2000CBLACK)
Pelican SabreLite 2000 Flashlight, Orange (PLC2000CORANGE)
Pelican SabreLite 2000 Flashlight, Yellow (PLC2000CYELLOW)
Pelican SabreLite Recoil LED Flashlight, Black (PLC2010CBLACK)
Pelican SabreLite 2010 LED Flashlight, 3-C, Yellow (PLC2010CYELLOW)
Pelican VersaBrite Deluxe Flashlight (PLC2250C)
Pelican MityLite Flashlight, Xenon, 2AA, Yellow (PLC2300CYELLOW)
Pelican MityLite 2340 Flashlight, 2-AA, Yellow (PLC2340CYELLOW)
Pelican StealthLite Flashlight. Xenon, 4AA, Black (PLC2400CBLACK)
Pelican StealthLite Flashlight, 4AA, Lime Green (PLC2400CLIME)
Pelican StealthLite 2400 Flashlight, Yellow (PLC2400CYELLOW)
Pelican HeadsUp Lite, 4AA, Black (PLC2600C)
Pelican HeadsUp Lite 2610 LED Headlamp, 3-AAA, Black/Gray (PLC2610C)
Pelican HeadsUp Lite 2620 Flashlight, Black (PLC2620C)
Streamlight ProPolymer LED Flashlight, 3-C, Black (LGT33202)
Streamlight ProPolymer Flashlight, Xenon Bulb, Yellow, 3C (sold sep) (LGT33254)
Streamlight Septor LED Headlamp, Yellow Black (LGT61052)
Streamlight Haz-Lo Headlamp, Class I, Div 1 (LGT61200)
Streamlight Argo HP LED Headlamp (LGT61302)
Streamlight Enduro LED Headlamp, Black (LGT61400)
Streamlight Stylus LED Pen Light, Black (LGT65018)
Streamlight Stylus Reach Flashlight, Black/White (LGT65618)
Streamlight Stylus Pro LED Pen Light, Black (LGT66118)
Streamlight MicroStream LED Pen Light, Black (LGT66318)
Streamlight ProPolymer Flashlight, LED, 4AA (incl), Yellow (LGT68201)
Streamlight ProPolymer LED Flashlight, Yellow/Black (LGT68202)
Streamlight ProPolymer C4 Lux LED Flashlight, 4 AA, Yellow (LGT68244)
Streamlight ProPolymer Flashlight, Xeon, 4AA (incl), Yellow (LGT68254)
Streamlight ProPolymer Lux LED Flashlight, 4 AA, Yellow (LGT68602)
Streamlight Jr. LED Flashlight, Black (LGT71500)
Strion LED Rechargeable Flashlight, 120V AC/DC Charger, Black (LGT74302)
Streamlight Rechargeable Flashlight, 120V AC/DC Charger, Black (LGT75014)
Streamlight Stinger LED Flashlight, AC/DC, w/Two Holders (LGT75713)
Streamlight Lithium Powered Flashlight, Xenon, 3V (sold sep), Black (LGT85001)
Streamlight Professional Tactical Flashlight, 2AA (incl), w/Holster (LGT88033)
Streamlight ProPolymer C4 Lux LED Flashlight, 4 AA, Yellow (LGT 68244)
Energizer Fusion 3-in-1 LED Flashlight, Blk/Orange, 4 AA Batteries (EVEENFAT41E)
Energizer Fusion Folding LED Lantern, Black/Silver/Orange (EVEENFFL81E)
Rayovac Virtually Indestructible Flashlight, Black, 3 AAA (RAYDIY3AAAB)
Rayovac Virtually Indestructible Headlamp Flashlight, Blk, 3 AAA (RAYDIYHL3AAAB)
Rayovac Value Bright Lantern, Krypton Bulb, 6V, Assorted Colors (RAYEFL6VBA)
Rayovac Sportsman Flashlight, Holster, Black/Metallic Sage, 2 AA (RAYSP2AABA)
Rayovac Flashlight, Rubber & Aluminum, 3 V, LED, Red/Black, 2 AA (RAY2AALEDB)