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Using ear plugs to reduce noise is advisable against permanent hearing loss. With so many loud jobs and noisy recreational activities, ear plugs would surely be beneficial. Whether you work as a construction worker, auto mechanic, in the military, firefighter, airplane employee, farmer, music teacher, Department of Transportation worker, staff member in a night club, in a factory or on an assembly line near heavy machinery, ear plugs can become your ears’ best friend. If you are the employer of one of these earsplitting workplaces, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration require you present your employees with the right protection to ensure both safety and security. CleanItSupply.com offers ear plugs, corded and cordless, at low, wholesale prices. Want to save even more? Buy in bulk! Perhaps your activities at play or type of lifestyle are the issue. Motorcyclists, disc-jockeys, gun rangers, even urban dwellers at bedtime can all get some relief from the use of the right ear plugs. If you prefer the softness of foam, the comfort of screw-in design, disposable or reusable ear plugs, you can be sure that CleanItSupply.com has the optimal protection you need at the right price. Don’t take a chance on permanent hearing loss. Protect yourself and your valuable employees with ear plugs from CleanItSupply.com.

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3m E·A·Rsoft Blasts Earplugs, Corded, Foam, Yellow Neon, 200 Pairs (MMM3111252)

3m Classic Earplugs, Uncorded, PVC Foam, Yellow, 200 Pairs per Box (MMM3101001)

3m E-A-R Classic Plus Earplugs, PVC Foam, Yellow, 200 Pairs/Box (MMM3101101)

3m E-A-R Classic Earplugs, Corded, PVC Foam, Yellow, 200 Pairs/Box (MMM3111101)

3m Self-Adjusting Earplugs, Uncorded, Foam, Yellow, 200 Pairs/Box (MMM3121219)

3m Earplugs, Uncorded, Foam, Yellow Neon/Red Flame, 200 Pairs/Box (MMM3121252)

3m E-A-R Swerve Banded Hearing Protector, Corded, Yellow (MMM3222000)

3m EAR Classic Small Earplugs, PVC Foam, 200 Pairs/BX (MMM3101103)

3m Yellow Neon Soft Foam Earplugs, Uncorded, Regular Size, 200/Box (MMM3121250)

3M E-A-R Classic Uncorded Earplugs, Foam, Yellow, 30 Pairs (MMM3101060)

3m Yellow Soft Foam Earplugs, Corded, Regular Size 200 per Box (MMM3111250)

3m EAR UltraFit Earplugs, Corded, Premolded, Yellow, 100 Pairs/BX (MMM3404004)

3m Foam Single-Use Earplugs, Cordless, 29NRR, Orange, 200 Pairs (MMM1100)

3m Foam Single-Use Earplugs, Corded, 29NRR, Orange, 100 Pairs (MMM1110)

3m E·A·R Express Pod Plugs, Corded, 25NRR, Yellow/Assorted (MMM3111115)

3m E-A-R Classic Foam Earplugs, Metal Detectable, Corded, Poly Bag (MMM3114101)

3m E·A·R Classic Single-Use Earplugs, Cordless, 29NRR, Yellow (MMM3121201)

3m E·A·R E-Z-Fit Single-Use Earplugs, Cordless, 28NRR, Yellow (MMM3121208)

3m E-A-R TaperFit 2 Plus Earplugs, Corded, NRR 32 (MMM3121224)

3m E-A-Rsoft FX Earplugs, Corded, NRR 33, 200 Pairs (MMM3121260)

3m E·A·R Push-Ins Earplugs, Corded, 28NRR, Yellow/Blue (MMM3181003)

3m E·A·R UltraFit Multi-Use Earplugs, Corded, 25NRR, Yellow/Blue (MMM3404002)

3m E-A-R UltraFit Ear Tracer Earplugs, Corded, NRR 25 (MMM3404007)

3M E-A-Rsoft Neon Tapered Earplug Refill, Yellow, 500 Refills (MMM3911004)

3m Next Tattoo Earplugs, Corded, NRR 32, Green, 1 Pair (MMMP1101)

3m E-A-R Pistonz Corded Earplugs, Polyurethane Foam, Silver (MMMP1401)

Howard Leight AirSoft Reusable Air Cushioned Earplugs, Uncorded (HOWDPAS1)

Howard Leight AirSoft Multiple-Use Earplugs, 27NRR, Red/Blue (HOWDPAS30R)

Howard Leight DPAS-30W AirSoft Multiple-Use Earplugs (HOWDPAS30W)

Howard Leight Multiple-Use Earplugs, Regular, 27NRR, Corded, Blue (HOWFUS30HP)

Howard Fusion Multiple-Use Earplugs, Small, 27NRR, Corded, Green (HOWFUS30SHP)

Howard Leight Single-Use Earplugs, Cordless, 32NRR, Red/Yellow (HOWLL1)

Howard Leight Single-Use Earplugs, Cordless, 32NRR, Red/Yellow, LS500 (HOWLL1D)

Howard Leight Single-Use Earplugs, Corded, 32NRR, Magenta/Yellow (HOWLL30)

Howard Leight Max Lite Single-Use Earplugs, Cordless, 30NRR, Green (HOWLPF1)

Howard Single-Use Earplugs, Cordless, 30NRR, Grn, LS 500 Refill (HOWLPF1D)

Howard Leight Max Lite Single-Use Earplugs, Corded, 30NRR, Green (HOWLPF30)

Howard Leight LT-30 Laser Trak Detectable Earplugs, Corded, 32NRR (HOWLT30)

Howard Leight MAX-1 Single-Use Earplugs, Cordless, 33NRR, Coral (HOWMAX1)

Howard Single-Use Earplugs, Cordless, 33NRR, Coral, LS 500 Refill (HOWMAX1D)

Howard Leight By Honeywell MAX-30 Single-Use Earplugs, Corded, 33NRR (HOWMAX30)

Howard Max Single-Use Earplugs, Uncorded, LS-400 Dispenser Refill (HOWMAXLS4)

Howard Leight Banded Multi-Use Earplugs, 25NRR, Orange, 10/Box (HOWQB2HYG)

Howard Leight By Honeywell Quiet Multiple-Use Earplugs (HOWQD30)

Howard Leight SmartFit Detectable Triple Flange Earplug, 25NRR (HOWSDT30)

Howard Leight SmartFit Cordless Multiple-Use 25NRR Earplugs, 100 Pair (HOWSMF30)

Moldex Rockets Reusable Earplugs, Cordless, Purple/Green, 50 Pairs (MLX6400)

Moldex Rockets Reusable Earplugs, Corded, 27NRR, Purple/Bright Green (MLX6405)

Moldex Rockets Reusable Earplugs, Corded, 27NRR, Box (MLX6415)

Moldex Softies Single-Use Earplugs, Cordless, 33NRR, Orange (MLX6600)

Moldex SparkPlugs Single-Use Earplugs, Cordless, 33NRR (MLX6604)

Moldex CAMO PLUGS Foam Earplugs, Special Ops, Corded, NRR 33 (MLX6609)

Moldex Earplug Dispenser System, Cordless, 33NRR, 250 Pair (MLX6644)

Moldex SparkPlugs PlugStation Earplug Dispenser System, Random Colors (MLX6645)

Moldex Single-Use Earplugs, Corded, 33NRR, Random Color Patterns (MLX6654)

Moldex Pura-Fit Single-Use Earplugs, Cordless, 33NRR, Bright Green (MLX6800)

Moldex Pura-Fit Earplug Dispenser System, Cordless, 33NRR, Green (MLX6845)

Moldex Pura-Fit Single-Use Earplugs, Corded, 33NRR, Bright Green (MLX6900)

Honeywell AirSoft Earplugs, 27NRR, Red Polycord, Blue, 100/Bx (UVXDPAS30R)

Honeywell QB2HYG Banded Earplugs, 25NRR, Orange, 10/Bx (UVXQB2HYG)

Jackson Safety* Earplugs, Foam, Disposable, Bullet Shaped, 200/Pack (KCC67210)