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Utility Knives & Safety Knives

Have you ever found yourself using one of your good kitchen knives to open a package or cut shrink wrap or twine? Save your kitchen utensils for what they were intended and get yourself a dependable, durable knife specifically designed for general or utility purposes. For use by professionals as well as homeowners, a utility knife is an amazing tool with countless uses that consumers may not be aware of. A high quality utility knife is an inexpensive item that can be used to cut boxes and tape but will also remove paint covered screws, slice old carpet, strip wires, carve wood, remove grout and even sharpen pencils when a pencil sharpener is not available. In addition to utility knives, we also carry replacement blades or knives for more specific tasks. A band/strap knife is designed solely for cutting plastic bands, shrink wrap and twine while titanium bonded razor paper cutters are ideal for cutting gift wrap, coupons, recipes and more. And those are just a few examples. From envelope openers to skinning tools, linoleum flooring knives and more, we offer you the highest quality knives at the lowest prices around. Check out our full selection today.

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Stanley Straight Handle Knife w/Retractable 13-Point Snap-Off Blade (BOS10150)

Stanley Utility Knife w/Self-Retracting Blade, Orange (BOS10189C)

Cosco Self-Retracting Utility Knife, Silver Metal Handle (COS091479)

Stanley Plastic Light-Duty Utility Knife w/Retractable Blade, Yellow (BOS10065)

Clauss Auto-Load Razor Blade Utility Knife with Ten Blades (ACM18026)

Cosco Band/Strap Knife, Replaceable Blades, Black, 1 Each (COS091482)

Cosco Cutter Knife w/Self-Retracting Safety-Tipped Blade, Black/Blue (COS091508)

Cosco Utility Knife w/Retractable Blade & Snap Closure, Yellow (COS091467)

Stanley Quick-Change Utility Knife w/Retractable Blade & Twine Cutter (BOS10499)

Cosco Jiffi-Cutter Compact Utility Knife w/Retractable Blade (COS091460)

Cosco Box Cutter Knife w/Shielded Blade, Black/Blue (COS091524)

X-acto Retract-A-Blade Knife, #11 Blade, Blue/Black (EPIX3204)

X-Acto Light-Duty Aluminum Handle Knife w/Replaceable #11 Blade (EPIX3001)

X-Acto X2000 Rubber Barrel Knife w/#11 Replaceable Blade & Safety Cap (EPIX3724)

Great Neck Sheffield Lockback Knife, 1 Utility Blade, Red (GNS58113)

X-acto Utility Knife w/Contoured Metal Handle & Retractable Blade (EPIX3274)

X-Acto Precision Utility Knife w/Replaceable Steel Blade, Safety Cap (EPIXZ3601)

Great Neck Sheffield Folding Lockback Knife, 1 Blade, Blue (GNS12113)

Great Neck Sheffield Mini Lockback Knife, 1 Utility Blade, Red (GNS58116)

Stanley Utility Knife, Stainless Steel Retractable Blade, 3 Blades (BOS10788)

Cosco Klever Cutter Retractable Box Cutter Knife, 5 Box Cutters (COS091459)

Cosco Retractable Snap Blade Utility Knife, Four 8-Point Blades (COS091514)

Stanley Tools Pocket Knife with Rotating Blade, Metal (BOS10049)

Stanley Tools Interlock Retractable Utility Knife, Metal (BOS10079)

Stanley Tools Homeowner's Retractable Utility Knife, Metal (BOS10175)

Stanley Tools Standard Snap-Off Knife, 18mm, Yellow (BOS10280)

Irwin Utility Knife, Standard, Retractable, 1 Each (IRW2082101)

Irwin Self-Retracting Safety Knife, 1 Retractable Blade, Red/Silver (IRW2088600)

Wiss Retractable Utility Knife, Carded, Steel Blade/Handle, Red (WISWK8V)

Sparco Retractable Utility Knife, w/ 3 Blades, 3 Positions, 6", SR (SPR01468)

Sparco Fast Point Snap Off Blade Knife, 5-3/4", Yellow/Black (SPR01470)

Sparco Razor Knife,1"x3", Uses Reversible Single Blades, 12/Box (SPR01484)

Sparco Automatic Utility Knife, w/4 Blades, Yellow/Black (SPR15850)

Sparco Heavy-Duty Utility Knife, PVC Grip, Plastic, Yellow/Black (SPR15851)

Stanley Utility Knife, Retractable Blade & Twine Cutter, 6 Knives (BOS10499BX)

Clauss Titanium Auto-Retract Utility Knife, Gray/Red, 2 3/10" Blade (ACM18966)

Titanium Auto-Retract Utility Knife with Carton Slicer, 3 1/2" Blade (ACM18968)

Sparco Utility Knife, w/Cartridge Refill,1-3/4"x1/2"x 6-1/2", BK (SPR15854)

Westcott Compact Safety Ceramic Blade Box Cutter, 2.25", Fixed, Green (ACM16473)

Westcott Compact Safety Blade Box Cutter, 2.5", Retractable Blade (ACM16474)

Westcott Safety Ceramic Blade Box Cutter, 5.5", Green (ACM16475)

Westcott Safety Cutter, 5.75", Assorted, 5 Cutters (ACM17379)

Slice Ceramic Pointed Tip Replacement Blades, Dual-Sided, 4 Blades (SLI10408)

Slice Auto-Retractable Utility Knife, 6.1"L, Gray/Green, Each (SLI10554)

Sparco Reversible Razor Knives, 1 oz., 1"x3", 144 Knives (SPR01484CT)

Stanley Classic 99 Utility Knife w/Retractable Blade, Gray (BOS10099)

Boardwalk Retractable Snap Blade Knife, Black/Yellow, Each (BWKUKNIFE25)

Boardwalk Retractable Metal Utility Knife, Straight-Edged, 1 Each (BWKUKNIFE45)

Boardwalk Retractable Snap-Off Blade Knife, Straight-Edged, 1 Each (BWKUKNIFE75)