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For ages, chalk was mainly used by teachers in schools and daycares. Nowadays, chalk is embraced in many more places than schools. Homeowners are embracing chalk on their chalkboard-painted rooms as ever-changing works of art. Restaurants and bars have taken a fondness of using chalk on the chalkboards to display the daily menu and rotate the drink list. And, of course, children cannot get enough of chalk to draw on sidewalks and driveways paving the way for their own personal artistry. Chalk has been around for centuries and most likely will continue to be. We, at, have all types of chalk for every kind of use. There is the anti-dust chalk that is ideal for classrooms. For paper and other non-chalkboard surfaces, we have colorful and vibrant drawing chalk. We even offer giant washable sidewalk chalk made especially for creative tiny hands to grasp and easily design their masterpieces on the earth’s vast canvas. also has highly-visible soapstone used for crafts and hobbies, for sportsmen, and professional industrial utilizations. Soapstone is great for use on fabrics, metal, stone and concrete. Stock up on office supplies, as delivers the top-name brands of chalks at wholesale prices.

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Sidewalk Chalk, Jumbo Stick, 12 Assorted Colors, 52 Pieces/Case (CKC1752)

Crayola Colored Drawing Chalk, Assorted Colors 12 Sticks/Set (CYO510403)

Crayola Colored Drawing Chalk Set w/Assorted Colors, 144 Sticks (CYO510400)

Securit Liquid Chalk Marker, Chisel, White, 4/Pk (DEFSMA510V4WT)

Prang Hygieia Dustless Board Chalk, 3 1/4 x 3/8, Yellow, 12/Box (DIX31344)

Crayola Chalk, Assorted Colors, Nontoxic, 12 Sticks (CYO510816)

Crayola Nontoxic Anti-Dust Chalk, White, 12 Sticks/Box (CYO501402)

Securit Liquid Chalk Marker, Chisel, Assorted, 4/Pk (DEFSMA510V4)

Prang Ambrite Paper Chalk, Assorted Colors, 12 Sticks/Box (DIX53012)

Dixon 888-Y Railroad Crayon Chalk, Yellow, 72 Sticks (DIX88813)

Dixon Railroad Crayon Chalk, 4" x 1", White, 72 Sticks (DIX88819)

Anchor Brand Soapstone Holder, Standard, #10, Steel (ANRSH10)

Prang Hygieia Dustless Board Chalk, 3 1/4 x 3/8. White, 12/Box (DIX31144)

Prang Hygieia Dustless Board Chalk, 3 1/4 x 3/8. Assorted, 12/Box (DIX61400)

Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk, 48 Asstd Bright Colors, 48 Sticks (CYO512048)

Quartet Alpha White Chalk, Low-Dust, 12 Sticks/Pack (QRT314005)

Crayola Ultimate Sidewalk Chalk, 4", 60 Assorted Colors, 64/Set (CYO512064)

RoseArt Jumbo sidewalk Chalk Paint Markers, Washable, 4/PK, Ast (RAIDMP72)

Lorell Chalkboard Eraser, Felt, Dustless, 6/BD, Black (LLR1BD)