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Street Brooms

Street brooms are typically used for sweeping heavy, bulk debris on rough surfaces such as cement and asphalt. They are excellent for use outdoors and for heavy trash sweeping since the brooms’ extra long fibers have the strength and flexibility to allow the sweeper to effortlessly take long, smooth strokes without great pressure on the ground. Street brooms are also useful tools for quickly and efficiently sweeping leaves and litter from unpaved, uneven surfaces. not only sells coarse-bristled street brooms, but also multi-surface push brooms from top quality manufacturers like Libman and Boardwalk at low, wholesale prices. Perhaps it is not the bulk trash and debris that is an issue, but the smaller items like cigarette butts and coins. Our Nifty Nabbers by Unger come in a variety of size extensions that allow you to reach down lower, up higher, or stretch farther to objects and items that are simply beyond arm’s length. Without standing on your toes, climbing, stooping or bending, you can safely reach anything up to five pounds, even cans and bottles. Thanks to the non-slip rubber gripper claw-fingers, the Nifty Nabber, designed to provide three pounds of grabbing power for every one pound of pressure exerted, is an invaluable indoor/outdoor tool ideal for seniors and persons with disabilities, allowing for more independence.

Child Categories


36" Nifty Nabber, Extended Reach Holder, Black, Each (UNG NN90)

The Nifty Nabber, 51" Extended Reach Grabber, Each (UNG NN14)

The Nifty Nabber Extension Arm, Claw, 18in, Black/green, 5 Each (UNG NN40)

Libman Multi-Surface 24" Push Broom, 4 Complete Brooms (LIB-00805)

Libman 24" Rough Surface Push Broom, Red/Black, 4 Brooms (LIB-00879)

Boardwalk Street Broom, 16", Natural Palmyra Stalk (BWK 71160)

Boardwalk Street Polypropylene Broom Head, Brown, 1 Each (BWK 73160)

Unger Nifty Nabber Extension Arm w/Claw, 36", Black/Green (UNGNN900)

Unger Nifty Nabber Extension Arm w/Claw, 51", Black/Green (UNGNN140)

Boardwalk Street Broom Head, 16" Head, Palmyra Bristles (BWK71160)

Boardwalk Street Broom Head, 16" Head, Polypropylene Bristles (BWK73160)

Libman Housekeeper Broom, 10" Wide Broom Head, 6 Brooms (LIB-00499)

Unger Nifty Nabber Extension Arm with Claw, 18in, Black/Green (UNGNN400)