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Let help you manage your incoming and outgoing mail and packages with our line of shipping and mailroom supplies. For a quick, easy sorting solution, we offer expandable collator/organizer files that fold for easy storage and expand to hold up to 500 sheets in each slot. Many mailrooms and offices have the need to send out bulk mailings and our collection of autofolder machines offer a speedy letter folding solution by automatically feeding and folding large stacks of documents at up to 12,000 sheets per hour. Accurately weigh packages for shipping with our wide selection of shipping scales including portable, electronic, digital and utility scales. We also offer a variety of mailroom accessories including strings and twines, pvc film dispensers, rubber roller cleaners and paper joggers. is a leading online source of high quality janitorial and office supplies and our shipping and mailroom supplies are no exception. We offer wholesale pricing and fast shipping that's free on large orders so stop shopping around and check out all of our great products at

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Medline Medline Classic Mechanical Beam Scale, 500lb Capacity (MIIMPH07SP1W)
Dymo By Pelouze M10 Digital USB Postal Scale, 10 Lb. (PEL1772057)
Dymo By Pelouze S400 Portable Digital USB Shipping Scale, 400 Lb. (PEL1776113)
Martin Yale Intimus 2051 SmartFold Automatic Paper Folder, 3000 Sheets/Hour (PRE2051)
Pm Company 5" Self-locking Plastic Seals, 250 Seals/Pack, Clear (PMC04636)
Martin Yale Model 1812 Variable Speed AutoFolder, 12000 Sheets/Hour (PRE1812)
Martin Yale Model P6400 Desktop Paper Folder, 2200 Sheets/Hour (PREP6400)
Dymo By Pelouze M5 Digital Postal Scale, 5 Lb. (PEL1772056)
Dymo By Pelouze M25 Digital USB Postal Scale, 25 Lb. (PEL1772059)
Martin Folding Machine Survival Kit For Models P6200/P6400 (PREWRAP6400SP)
Model 1711 Electronic Ease-of-Use AutoFolder, 9000 Sheets/Hour (PRE1711)
Dymo By Pelouze M3 Digital Postal Scale, 3 Lb. (PEL1772055)
Dymo By Pelouze S250 Portable Digital USB Shipping Scale, 250 Lb. (PEL1776112)
Quality Park White Cotton 10-Ply (Medium) String in Ball, 475 Feet (QUA46171)
Martin Yale Model 1501X AutoFolder, 8000 Sheets/Hour (PRE1501X)
Martin Yale Model Tabletop AutoFolder, 9000 Sheets per Hour (PRE1611)
Martin Yale Rubber Roller Cleaner for Martin Yale Folders, 13-oz. Spray Can (PRE200)
Martin Yale Model P6200 Desktop Paper Folder, 1800 Sheets/Hour (PREP6200)
Martin Yale Model P7200 Desktop AutoFolder, 4000 Sheets per Hour (PREP7200)
Folding Machine Survival Kit For Models P7200/P7400, 1/Kit (PREWRAP7400SP)
Brecknell Electronic Utility Scale, 11lb Capacity, 5-3/4 Platform (SBW311)
Portable Electronic Bench Scale, 250lb Capacity, 12 x 10 Platform (SBWGP250)
Brecknell Electronic Shipping Scale, 5000 lbs Capacity, 48 x 48 Platform (SBWDSB484805)
Martin Yale Model 1217A Medium-Duty AutoFolder, 10300 Sheets/Hour (PRE1217A)
Martin Yale Tabletop Paper Jogger, 15-1/4w x 11-1/2d x 15-1/4h, Gray (PRE400)
Martin Yale Model P7400 Desktop AutoFolder, 4000 Sheets per Hour (PREP7400)
Martin Yale Folding Machine Survival Kit For Models 1217A (PREWRA1217ASP4)
Martin Yale Folding Machine Survival Kit For Model 1501X, 1/Kit (PREWRA1501XSP)
Folding Machine Survival Kit For Models 1611/1711, 1/Kit (PREWRA1711SP)
Folding Machine Retrofit Kit For Models 1812/2051, 1/Kit (PREWRA2051SP)
Brecknell Utility Balance Scale, 500g Capacity, 2-1/2 x 3 Platform (SBWPB500)
Brecknell Bench Scale with Remote Display, 400 lbs Capacity (SBWPS400)
Electronic Postal/Shipping Scale, 25lb Capacity, 6-1/2 x 8 Platform (SBW325)
Brecknell 30 lb. Capacity General Purpose Scale (SBW40530)
Brecknell Electronic Postal Scale, 7 lbs Capacity, Platform, Gray (SBWPS7)
Portable Electronic Bench Scale, 100lb Capacity, 12 x 10 Platform (SBWGP100)
Brecknell Portable Shipping Scale, 400 lb Capacity, Platform (SBWLPS400)
Brecknell 300 lb. Capacity Bench/Floor Scale (SBWS100300)
Universal Adjustable Hand Dispenser for Stretch Film Rolls 12 to 18w (UNV89000)
Dymo Mechanical Package Scale, 50lb Capacity, 6 x 4-3/4 Platform (PELY50)
Brecknell Postal Scale, 5 lbs Capacity, 6 4/5 x 5 4/5 Platform (SBWMPS5)
Marshalltown 100% Braided Nylon Mason's Line, 250ft, Fluorescent Yellow (MWN16582)
Rubbermaid Pelouze Portion-Control Scale, 32oz Cap, 6 x 6 Platform (PELY32R)