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Outfit your home or office with our quality electronics available at discount prices here at CleanItSupply.com. Enhance your presentations and training videos with a Blu-ray player or take them on the road with a portable DVD player. Acquire optimum sound performance with our selection of headphones and speakers. Whether you're looking for stereo headphones, noise cancelling headphones or simple ear buds, we have the headphone style you need. Our selection of speakers are ideal for listening to web presentations or conference calls. Available in digital, stereo and even wireless options so you're sure to find what you're looking for to fit your audio needs. Why go to an electronics store when you can find everything you need from the comfort of your own home by visiting CleanItSupply.com. We carry a variety of electronics including radios, speakers and two-way radios ideal for interoffice communication. Visit CleanItSupply.com today and stock up on all of your favorite electronics and check out all of our other great products. With fast shipping that's free on large orders, there's no need to shop anywhere else!

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Amplivox Deluxe Stereo Headphones w/Mono Volume Control, Black (APLSL1002)
Amplivox Personal Multimedia Stereo Headphones w/Volume Control (APLSL1006)
Amplivox Personal Six-Station Listening Center, Gray (APLSL1070)
Amplivox Six-Station Listening Center/Boombox, Gray (APLSL1014)
Amplivox Deluxe CD/Cassette/AM/FM Six-Station Listening Center, Gray (APLSL1071)
Kensington Hi-Fi Headphones, Plush Sealed Earpads, Black (KMW33137)
Logitech S-120 Speaker System (LOG980000012)
Maxell HP-200 Stereo Headphones, Silver (MAX190318)
Maxell EB125 Digital Stereo Binaural Ear Buds for Portable Music Players (MAX190568)
Logitech S150 Digital Speaker System, USB, Black (LOG980000028)
Logitech Z130 Compact Laptop Speakers, 3.5mm Jack, Black (LOG980000417)
Kensington Noise Canceling Headphones 33084 Folding Design, Portable (KMW33084)
Maxell HP-100 Headphones, Black (MAX190319)
Maxell Kids Safe Headphones, Pink/Blue/Silver (MAX190338)
Maxell HP/NC-II Noise Canceling Headphone (MAX190400)
Maxell Lightweight Compact Folding Headphones (MAX190402)
Maxell EB-95 Stereo Earbuds, Black (MAX190560)
Motorola Talkabout MD200R GMRS Two-Way Radios, 1 Watt, 22 Channels (MTRMD200R)
Motorola Talkabout MJ270R GMRS Two-Way Radios, 1 Watt, 22 Channels (MTRMJ270R)
Bulk Buys be mine cell phone strap, 8/Case (KOLE-BG364)
Bulk Buys Philips Wall Plate for 2 lines, 24/Case (KOLE-EL043)
Telnet Deluxe phone jack, 24/Case (KOLE-EL081)
Sterling CD and DVD lens cleaner, 36/Case (KOLE-EL092)
Bulk Buys Heavy duty "AA" batteries, 24/Case (KOLE-EL221)
Bulk Buys Heavy duty "AAA" batteries, 12/Case (KOLE-EL222)
Bulk Buys Heavy duty 9 volt battery, 12/Case (KOLE-EL225)
Bulk Buys AC Delco 160 Piece Battery Display, 160/Display (KOLE-EL226)
Bulk Buys D batteries, pack of 2, 12/Case (KOLE-EL235)
Bulk Buys Ear buds display, 36/Display (KOLE-GC792)
Telnet 20' Extension telephone cord, 12/Case (KOLE-GG053)
Telnet Coiled telephone cord (assorted colors), 24/Case (KOLE-GP013)
Bulk Buys Modular jack and wall plate, 24/Case (KOLE-HP128)
Sterling Light bulb converter with switch, 24/Case (KOLE-MR012)
Bulk Buys Mist spray fan, 12/Case (KOLE-OB341)
Bulk Buys Silent USB Mini Fan, 4/Pack (KOLE-OB826)
Bulk Buys USB Desktop Fan Lamp, 1 Each (KOLE-OC274)
Bulk Buys Camera tripod, 6/Pack (KOLE-UU368)
Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter, Black (LOG980000910)
Logitech Z213 Multimedia Speakers, Black (LOG980000941)
Logitech X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker, Gray (LOG984000353)
Logitech X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker, Yellow (LOG984000361)
Logitech X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker, Orange (LOG984000362)
Logitech X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker, Red (LOG984000363)
Logitech X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker, Green (LOG984000373)
Maxell NC-V Noise-Cancelling Headphones, Black (MAX190208)
Maxell SEB In-Ear Buds, Black (MAX190277)
Maxell SEB In-Ear Buds, Pink (MAX190279)
Maxell SEB In-Ear Buds, Blue (MAX190282)
Maxell RAD-1 Radiator Enhanced Bass Earphones with In-line Mic, Black/Red (MAX190345)
Maxell EB-95 Stereo Earbuds, White (MAX190599)
Maxell BA-1 Balanced Armature Earphones with In-line Mic, Black (MAX190633)
Maxell Soundbar, Two Front Speakers, 50 Watts, Black (MAX193004)
Maxell Soundbar, Four Front Speakers, 160 Watts, Black (MAX193006)
Maxell Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Built-In Power Bank, Black (MAX193012)
Maxell Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Black (MAX193013)
Magnavox LED HDTV, 31 1/2", 720p, Black (MVX32ME304V)
Magnavox LED HDTV, 40", 1080p, Black (MVX40ME324V)
Magnavox LED HDTV, 50", 1080p, Black (MVX50ME314V)
Magnavox LED HDTV, 55", 1080p, Black (MVX55ME314V)
Smk-link Electronics Universal Projector Remote Control for LCD and DLP Projectors, Gray (SKKVP3720)
Spracht Metro-Link Wireless Speaker, Silver (SPTMCP3014)
Spracht Conference Mate Wireless Speaker, White (SPTMCP3020)
Spracht Conference Mate Wireless Speaker, Black (SPTMCP3022)