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Doesn’t it get frustrating when you shop and only find that the one handle or brace that you need replaced cannot be bought without buying the whole item all over again? CleanItSupply.com understands that frustration. We are your-one-stop-shop for all types of poles, handles, braces, and replacement parts for all kinds of items such as push brooms, dust mops, and wet mops. Need a wooden broom handle? We have threaded end, tapered end, metal threaded end, heavy-duty threaded end in different sizes, all at wholesale prices. Extension handles in various lengths and clamp handles and braces are all found here at CleanItSupply.com at equally affordable prices. With prices this low you may not want to wait until your need is urgent, just buy some extra handles and braces now so that you have them readily available for when the time does come to replace those braces and broom handles - no waiting, no aggravation, no productivity waste. Perhaps your broom or mop just can’t survive another replacement part. Take a look at our full selection of push brooms, sweepers, wet mops, dust mops, and microfiber dusters also at economical prices.

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Rubbermaid 6355 Aluminum Handle, Threaded Plastic Tip, Vinyl Grip (RCP 6355 GRA)

Rubbermaid Hygen 6'-18' Quick Connect Extend Pole, Yellow (RCPQ775YEL)

Rubbermaid Q749 52 Inch Microfiber Quick Connect Handle, Yellow (RCP Q749 YEL)

Libman 601 60" Long Steel Handle, Nylon Thread, Red, 6 Handles (LIB-00601)

Libman 60" Tapered Wood Handle, Lacquer Finish, 6 Handles (LIB-00600)

Libman 60" Zinc Thread Wood Handle, 12 Broom Handles (LIB-00602)

Libman 8 Foot Extension Handle, 3-Piece Handle, 6 Handles (LIB-00611)

Knuckle Buster Microfiber Mop and Duster Extension Handle (ACA-MFMH71)

Boardwalk Metal Handle Braces, Large 24" to 48" Sweeps (BWK 119)

Boardwalk Metal Handle Brace, Small, Fits 18" to 48" Floor Sweeps (BWK 120)

Boardwalk Threaded End Wood Broom Handle, 54-in., 1 Each (BWK 121)

Boardwalk Threaded End Wood Broom Handle, 60-in., 1 Each (BWK 122)

Boardwalk Tapered End Wood Broom Handle, 54" Length (BWK 124)

Boardwalk Tapered End Wood Broom Handle, 60" Length (BWK 125)

Boardwalk Metal-Tip Threaded End Wood Broom Handle, 60-in. (BWK 136)

Boardwalk Heavy-Duty Threaded End Wood Broom Handle, 60" Length (BWK 137)

Boardwalk Metal-Tip Threaded End Broom Handle, 60-in. (BWK 138)

Boardwalk Threaded End Wooden Broom Handle, 60" Length (BWK122)

Boardwalk 125 Tapered End Broom Handle, Wood, 1 Each (BWK125)

Boardwalk Metal Tip Threaded End Wood Broom Handle, 60" (BWK136)

Boardwalk Heavy-Duty Threaded End 60" Hardwood Broom Handle (BWK137)

Rubbermaid Aluminum Threaded Plastic-Tip Broom/Sweep Handle, 57" (RCP6355GRA)

Rubbermaid Commercial Snap-On Dust Mop Handle, 60-in, Natural (RCPM116)

Boardwalk Metal Handle Braces, Large, Fits 24"-48" Floor Sweeps (BWK119)

Boardwalk Metal Handle Braces, Small, Fits 18 to 48" Floor Sweeps (BWK120)

Boardwalk Threaded End 54" Broom Handle, Lacquered Hardwood (BWK121)

Boardwalk Tapered End Broom Handle, Hardwood, 1 1/8" Diameter x 54" (BWK124)

Boardwalk Metal Tip Threaded Hardwood Broom Handle, 60" x 1 1/8" D (BWK138)

Genuine Joe 60" Wood Dust Mop Handle, Natural, 1 Each (GJO02310EA)

Genuine Joe Heavy-Duty Replacement Handle, f/60467 (GJO60468)

Rubbermaid Q749 Quick-Connect Steel Mop Handle, 52", Yellow (RCPQ749YEL)

Boardwalk Fiberglass Broom Handle, Nylon Plastic Threaded End, Black (BWK636)

Knuckle Buster Aluminum 62" Wet Mop Jaw Handle (ACA-MFHANJAW)

Boardwalk Clip-On 180 Degree Swivel Head Wood Dust Mop Handle (BWK1490)

Genuine Joe 60" Wood Squeegee Handle, Double Lacquered, 1 Each (GJO37060)

Genuine Joe 60" Wood Brush Handle (GJO37060CT)

Genuine Joe Threaded Metal Handle, 6/carton (GJO37061CT)

Libman 60" Steel Handle - Black, Nylon Thread, 6 Handles (LIB-01165)

Rubbermaid Collapsible Spill Mop Handle, 22" Length, Yellow (RCP2017161EA)

Carlisle 60" Threaded Wood Handle 60" Long / 15/16" D (4027100)

Carlisle 60" Metal Tip Threaded Wood Handle, 15/16" Dia, 12 Handles (4526700)

Genuine Joe Handle, Heavy-duty Wood, Metal Tip, 6 Handles (GJO60478)