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The Libman family has been making some of the best cleaning supplies on the market for 114 years. Libman Freedom outperform other mops with their design, innovation and quality. Trusted by consumers for over a century, Libman has been making sure your home and business can be cleaned as quickly and efficiently with the least amount of time, effort, and environmental waste needed with their groundbreaking cleaning supplies and products.

The Libman Freedom Dry Dust Mop has 8 times more cleaning surface to grab dirt, dust, and pet hair with its microfiber fingers while the clip-on comb locks onto and removes it all from floors, baseboards, walls, and ceilings. The premium pad is reusable up to 100 times and is machine washable, which make this dry mop a more eco-friendly choice with significantly less waste.

The Libman Freedom Spray Mop allows you the freedom to use any cleaner and to use reusable microfiber heads rather than disposable pads. Unlike other microfiber mop pad refills, Libman Freedom Spray Mop Refill Pads are enhanced with 3 scratch-free cleaning strips for extra scrubbing power without harming surfaces. The microfber pad can be removed and machine washed up to 50 times before replacement rather than thrown away after each use like the other pads on the market, ensuring less environmental waste and saving you money in the long run with less frequent refill purchases.

Whether you are shopping for pad refills or the whole mopping system, you can be certain that carries the Libman Freedom Mop and accessories you want at great, wholesale prices. Shop for your home and business because with prices this low, you will want to stock up. Buy in bulk to save even more! Shop and start saving on all of your Libman cleaning supplies today!

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Libman 4002 Freedom Spray Mop, Green, 4 Complete Mops (LIB-04002)

Libman Freedom Spray Mop 10" Microfiber Pad Refill, 12 Pads (LIB-04001)

Libman 4003 Freedom Spray Mop Refill Pad, Green, 6 Pads (LIB-04003)

Libman Freedom 10" Dry Dust Mops, 4 Complete Mops (LIB-04005)

Libman Freedom 10" Dry Mop Pad Refill, Green, 6 Pads (LIB-04006)