Plastic Take Out Containers


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Plastic Take Out Containers

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Plastic Lids for 2.5 & 3.5oz Side Dipping Containers, 2500 Lids (SCCLDSS23)

Smart-Set Pro 32-oz. Rectangular Food Containers, 300 Containers (GNPFPR0323L)

ClearSeal Medium Plastic Hinged Container, 250 Containers (DCC C90PST1)

ClearSeal Large Plastic Hinged Container, 200 Containers (DCC C95PST1)

Boardwalk 2-oz. Translucent Plastic Portion Cup, 2,400 Cups (BWK YS-200)

Pactiv SmartLock Clear Small Hoagie Containers, 250 Containers (PCTYCI81048)

5 Hinged Dome Clear Sandwich Container, 375 Containers (PCTYCI81050)

Pactiv Sandwich Containers with Dome Lids, 500 Containers (PCTYCI81160)

WNA Plug-Style Deli Container Lids, Clear, 500 Lids (WNA APCTRLID)

16-oz. Versatainer Round Food Containers, 150 Containers  (PAC NC718B)

24-oz. Versatainer Round Food Containers , 150 Containers (PAC NC723B)

32-oz. Versatainer Round Food Containers, 150 Containers (PAC NC729B)

38-oz. Versatainer Rectangular Food Containers, 150 Containers (PAC NC888B)

ClearView SmartLock Takeout Containers, 200 Containers (PCTYCI81120)

OctaView Hot Food Containers, 9-In. Deep, 100 Containers (SCC809011PP94)

Cold Food Deli Box, Large Snack, 200 Containers (SCC 844001-PS94)

Cold Food Deli Box, Medium Snack, 200 Containers (SCC 846612-PS94)

Cold Food Small Snack Box, Black, 200 Containers (SCC 851611-PS94)

OctaView Cold Food Containers, 9-In. Shallow, 100 Containers (SCC864611PS94)

OctaView Cold Food Containers, 71/2-in. Medium, 100 Containers (SCC 865611-PS94)

OctaView Cold Food Containers, 71/2-in. Deep, 100 Containers (SCC 865612-PS94)

Dinner Box Medium, Polystyrene, Black, 100 Containers (SCC 919017-PM94)

Expressions Hot Food Containers, 9-In. Deep Tray, 150 Trays (SCC974026PP04)

Rubbermaid 315488 Deluxe Carry Caddy, 8-Comp, Black (RCP315488BLA)

Boardwalk Plastic Souffle Cups, 2oz, Translucent, 200/Bag (PCTYS200)

Dart Plastic Hinged Container, 1-Comp, 8-3/10 x 8-3/10 x 3, 125/Bag (DCCC90PST1)

Solo Cup Large Hinged Lid Deli Box, 200 containers (FOR-3470)

Pactiv Hexquisite Black 16" Combo, 25 Trays and Lids (FOR-2238)

Pactiv Hexquisite Black 18" Tray With Dome, 25 Combos (FOR-2239)

Pactiv Square Microwavable Black Container Combo, 150 Bases And Lids (FOR-5523)

Pactiv 16 Oz. Black Food Containers - Bases And Lids, 150 Containers (FOR-5564)

Pactiv Microwavable 3 Compartment Round Container, 150 Bases And Lids (FOR-4870)

Pactiv Black Microwavable Rectangular Containers, 150 Bases And Lids (FOR-1640)

Fabri-Kal 32 Oz. Pro-Kal Deli Container, 500 Containers (FOR-4285)

Fabri-Kal Polypropylene Deli Container Lids, 500 Lids (FOR-4506)

Solo Cup 8 Oz. Soloserve Container, 1,000 Containers (FOR-0837)

Inline Large Sandwich Container w/ Hinged Lid - 500 Containers (FOR-3424)

Pactiv Smartlock Food Containers w/ Lid - Medium, 200 Containers (FOR-2984)

WNA Plug-Style Deli Container Lids, Clear, 500 Lids (WNAAPCTRLID)

Pactiv VERSAtainers, Black/Clear, 32 oz, 7"Dia x 2"H, 150/Carton (PCTNC729B)

Dart ClearSeal Plastic Hinged Food Container, Large, Clear, 100/CT (DCCC95PST1)

Pactiv VERSAtainers, 1-Comp, Black/Clear, 16oz, 6"dia, 150/Carton (PCTNC718B)

Pactiv VERSAtainers, 1-Comp, Black/Clear, 24oz, 7"dia, 150/Carton (PCTNC723B)

Pactiv VERSAtainers, Black/Clear, 38oz, 6w x 8 1/2d x 2h, 150/Carton (PCTNC888B)

Dart ClearPac 16-oz Container Lid Combo, 200 Containers w/Lids (DCCCH16DEF)

Dart PresentaBowls Bowl/Lid Combo-Paks, 16-oz., Clear, 252 Combos (DCCC16BCD)

Dart ClearPac Clear Container Lids, 4.9 x 5.9, Clear, 1008/Carton (DCCC12DLR)

DART StayLock Clear Hinged-Lid Container 9.4 x 6.8 x 2.1, 250/Carton (DCCC30UT1)

Dart StayLock Clear Hinged Lid Containers, 5.4 x 9 x 3.5, 250/Carton (DCCC35UT1)

Dart StayLock Clear Hinged Lid Containers, 50.2 oz, 200 Containers (DCCC90UT1)

Dart ClearPac 12 oz Container Lid Combo-Pack, Clear, 252 Containers (DCCC12DCPR)

Dart ClearPac Clear Container, 8 oz, 5.9 x 4.9 x 1.3, Clear, 1008/Carton (DCCC8DER)

Dart OctaView CF Containers, Black/Clear, 42oz, 9.57w x 9.18d x 3.15h, 100/Carton (SCC864612PS94)