5000-ml Soap System


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5000-ml Soap System

Do you have a high-traffic restroom that is in constant need of refreshing and refilling of soap? CleanItSupply.com has you covered and at prices that are so incredibly low you'll want to stock up. Our 5000-ml soap system, soap refills, and soap dispensers are designed to help alleviate the tireless soap refilling with our extra large capacity dispensers and refills allowing your restroom patrons to get more mileage out of washings, increasing productivity, and in turn saving you money. The ProRx 5000-ml hand soap dispenser system by Rubbermaid delivers the highest yield of hand washes, up to over 3,300 per refill! It even has an adjustable portion control with three dose sizes, virtually eliminating waste. The Gojo hand soap system by the makers of Purell offers an assortment of hand cleaners such as orange pumice, multi-green, power gold, rich pink antibacterial, cherry gel pumice, even Shower-Up Soap and Shampoo ideal for fitness centers, health clubs, swim clubs, and school gyms providing a convenient and cleaner alternative to non-hygienic bar soaps and messy shampoo bottles cluttering up the stalls. Whatever it is that you need, trust CleanItSupply.com to deliver the highest quality 5000-ml soap systems, hand soap refills, and hand soap dispensers all at the absolute lowest prices.

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Gojo Liquid Soap 5000-ml

TC Liquid Soap Dispensers


Gojo Pro Multi Green Hand Cleaner, 2 - 5000-ml Refills (GOJ 7565)

Gojo Pro 5000 Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner Refill, 2 Refills (GOJ 7556)

Gojo Pro 5000 Rich Pink Antibacterial Hand Soap, 2 - 5000 ml Refills (GOJ 7520)

Gojo Shower Up Soap & Shampoo, Rose, Pleasant Scent, 5000 ml Refill (GOJ 7530)

Gojo Pro 5000 Soap Liquid Dispenser, Black, 1 Each (GOJ 7500)

Gojo Cherry Gel Pumice Hand Cleaner, 2 - 5,000-ml Refills (GOJ759002)

Gojo PRO 5000 Hand Soap Dispenser, 5000 mL, Black (GOJ750001)

Gojo Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner Refill, 5000 mL, 2 Refills (GOJ7556)

Gojo MULTI GREEN Hand Cleaner Refill, 5000 mL, Citrus Scent, 2/CT (GOJ7565)

Gojo Antibacterial Soap Refill, 5000 mL, Floral Scent, Pink, 2/Carton (GOJ7520)

Gojo Shower Up Soap & Shampoo, Rose, Pleasant Scent, 5000 ml Refill (GOJ7530)