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Powdered Soaps & Dispensers

Powdered soaps may not be as widely used as liquid soaps, but here is a not-so-dirty little secret that may not be widely known: powdered soaps are hard-working, heavy-duty soaps that can quickly and effectively clean while being gentle on hands. These free-flowing soaps are phosphate-free, completely soluble in water, and will not clog drains making it an excellent choice for septic systems. Powdered soaps mean no drips and no mess which equals quick cleanups. In turn making restroom cleanings much easier as the powdered soap can effortlessly be wiped away, unlike liquid soap that can gunk up the dispenser with thick residue and become a sudsy mess when attempting to scrub and clean it up. CleanItSupply.com has all of the top trusted name brands for powdered soaps and dispensers such as Boraxo by Dial and Simoniz all at wholesale prices. These powdered hand soap granules have extra scrubbing power for dissolving dirt and grime and are an excellent economical choice for industrial work sites, garages, mud rooms, anywhere that would benefit from heavy-duty hand soap. Our attractive wall-mountable powdered soap dispensers are ideal for your home or workplace and are easy to use. Trust CleanItSupply.com for top quality products at bottom-dollar prices.

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Boraxo Powdered Hand Soap, Unscented, 5 lb. Box, 10 Boxes (DIA 02203)

Boraxo TMT Powdered Hand Soap, Unscented, 5 lb. Box, 10 Boxes (DIA 02561)

Simoniz Kem Suds Klene Hand Soap, 10 Boxes (SIM-CS0350CS7)

Simoniz Kem Suds Klene Soap, 50-lb. Box (SIM-CS0350050)

Boraxo Powdered Hand Soap, Unscented, 5lb Box, 10/Carton (DIA02203CT)

Boraxo TMT Powdered Hand Soap, Unscented Powder, 5lb Box, 10/Carton (DIA02561CT)

Boraxo Personal Soaps, 12 oz Canister, 12 Canisters (DIA10918)