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Safety is #1 on job sites. When safety gear is a priority for yourself and your workers, Kimberly Clark safety products have you covered. If you need lens cleaning wipes, Nitrile gloves or protective apparel, you can be sure that we carry just what you need at a price that will not break the bank.

When shopping for lens wipers, one must be conscious of the type of wipe for the task at hand. Not just any wipe will do. Our Kimberly Clark Precision Tissue Wipers are soft and absorbent with anti-static dispensing. Ideal for laboratories and medical offices, these delicate task science wipers easily clean liquids, dust and small particles leaving behind very low lint. Our Kimberly Clark Nitrile Gloves are perfect for anything from examinations to food handling to painting. Choose the gloves that fit the job. Nitrile gloves are offered in powdered, powder-free, blue or purple. Made to last and not rip or tear midway through a task, Kimberly Clark Nitrile Gloves are well-made and are a trusted brand name in the safety industry. For those who need to be fully protected, shop our complete line of safety apparel. From coveralls, to booties, to welding masks, you will find the important safety apparel you need at a very fair price. Our coveralls are made of a low lint, anti-static, breathable and microporous material that acts as an excellent liquid and particulate barrier to keep you safe and protected from top to bottom.

Whichever safety products you decide to purchase, you can be certain that you are receiving the highest quality products at everyday low, wholesale pricing. Never again sacrifice quality for affordability with our selection of wholesale safety supplies. You really can have it all. Shop for Kimberly Clark wipers, Nitrile gloves, protective apparel and so much more today!

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KleenGuard G10 Blue Nitrile Gloves, Large, 200 Gloves (KCC 90098)

Smith & Wesson Elite Safety Sunglasses, Black, Anti-Fog Smoke Lens (SMW21303)

KleenGuard G10 Nitrile Gloves, Arctic Blue, Small, 2000 Gloves (KCC90096CT)

KleenGuard G10 Nitrile Gloves, Artic Blue, X-Large, 1800 Gloves (KCC90099CT)

Kleenguard G10 Flex Blue Nitrile Gloves, Blue, 9.5", Large, 100/Box (KCC38521)