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Sometimes it’s hard trying to stay healthy. You have to exercise and eat right, but there is one thing that we at CleanItSupply.com can help you with: clean, germ-free hands. CleanItSupply.com makes it easier for you to afford top quality, trusted name-brand hand liquid soaps such as Dial, Dove, and Softsoap at super-low wholesale prices and in bulk for the ultimate in savings and convenience. Our bulk liquid hand soaps make it easy on your wallet and easier for you, your workers, and your family to stay healthy.

What is a liquid soap?

Liquid soap is generally made up of water, Triclosan, detergents, oils, fragrance and color. Of course, depending upon the type and brand of soap, some ingredients will be added or removed. For example, Triclosan is usually the active ingredient in antibacterial soap. It is claimed to reduce the spread of bacterial infections. Fragrances are found in soaps that are marketed as a certain scent, while colors usually correlate to the scent of the soap. For instance, a rose scented soap will tend to have a pink tint. Water is an important component in allowing the soap to maintain a liquid form. Detergents that are usually found in liquid soap are: sodium laureth sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate. Both of these detergents dissolve dirt and oil for clean hands. Sodium laureth sulfate is also an emulsifier that helps combine the soap ingredients. The major brand named liquid soap usually contains oils like glycerin and cocamide MEA. Oils that tend to be found in more natural liquid soaps oftentimes are essential oils such as: olive, jasmine or ylan ylang.

Is it better to use bar soap or liquid soap?

Not only is it a question of preference, but also of need. Liquid soap tends to be more sanitary as the user is the only person touching the soap with each individual pump, unlike bar soap that is touched by everyone using it. For traveling, liquid soap is easier to pack back up and take the remainder back home with you than a used bar of soap is. Wet bar soap can get melty and messy. Yet, bar soap tends to cost less than liquid soap, so the choice is yours.

What are the advantages of liquid soap over bar soap and vice versa?

 Advantages of Liquid Soap courtesy of DetergentsAndSoaps.com:

Liquid soap reduces exchange of germs between users. As no one touches the soap, it has a very little, if any scope of spreading germs
Liquid soap is convenient to use. These soaps come in fancy bottles with dispensers and so are easy to use
Unlike the bar soaps, a liquid soap never gets mushy
Liquid soap tends to create a richer lather. This is one of the factor for which many people prefer it over bar soap
Liquid soap contains a lower pH level than bar soap and is thus gentler and suitable for people with sensitive skin. It is also able to retain more than 30% of the skin’s natural moisture and thus liquid soap is good for dry skin, too

 Here are the Advantages of Bar Soaps as reported by DetergentsAndSoaps.com:

Bar soaps are cost effective. You can buy many bar soaps in just the equal amount that you need to buy only one bottle of liquid soap
Bar soaps prevent wastage. It is easier to know the exact amount of soap required for washing when using bar soap than when you use liquid soap. You always tend to take more liquid soap from its dispenser as it is tough to make the right guess
Bar soaps are more environmental friendly cleaning products as they don't use plastic for packaging. They are packed in either paper or cardboard that are biodegradable materials. Also when taking shower, you need lesser water to wash off the lather produced by bar soaps as compared to that of liquid soap
Because of the continued popularity of bar soaps, you can find a wider range of products available in the market from normal soaps to especially made soaps for various skin types and even medicated soaps, natural and handmade soaps. Such a variety is still not visible for liquid soap selection

What are the disadvantages of liquid soap over bar soap and vice versa?

 DetergentsAndSoaps.com also lists the Disadvantages of Liquid Soap as follows:

Liquid soap is costly. With added packaging materials like bottle, pump dispenser etc. used, the cost of liquid soaps tend to rise
Liquid soap are not environmental friendly due to the use of plastic container and dispensing device. Both of these things take up more space in the landfill
Liquid soap needs a two-handed process for opening the cap of the container, inverting it, squeezing out the right amount of soap, closing the cap (while the soap is in the palm and has to be guarded against being washed away by the shower stream) and putting back the container. When in shower, this long procedure means wastage of water
With limited choice of liquid soaps, it is difficult to find specific purpose soaps like fragrance-free or handmade liquid soap. It is far easier to find such options when buying bar soaps

 Listed are the Disadvantages of Bar Soaps from DetergentsAndSoaps.com:

Bar soaps tend to harvest germs and bacteria on its wet surface. However, studies have proved that although bacteria levels on previously-used bar soaps are a little higher than on unused soaps, there have been no detectable levels of bacteria left on the skin's surface after using the soap. Other researches have proved that there is only a very little amount of bacteria that can be further minimized if a bar soap is not shared among many people
A bar soap turns slimy or mushy in standing water that leads to a mess as well as to wastage
Most of the bar soaps are made with laboratory-generated chemicals and detergents, especially the mass-produced products. However, that is also the case with liquid soaps
Many bar soaps have a higher pH level than liquid soaps. Such bar soaps can be more drying to the skin. However, with increasing demand, many moisturizing soaps with glycerin, oils and other moisturizing agents can be easily found in the market

Is liquid or foam soap better?

There has been research done of this subject and according to Today.com, researchers say that the amount of actual soap in a foam soap pump is less than in a liquid soap pump. Furthermore, the foaming soap may actually be less effective than liquid soap. Since it comes out of the pump already as a lather and the liquid soap lather is built up in the process of hand washing, the hands are being rubbed longer and more rigorously to create a lather with liquid soap. This soapy rubbing action makes for cleaner hands. 

Here at CleanItSupply.com, we offer many options of bulk liquid soaps, wholesale hand soap refills, and bulk liquid soap dispensers including antibacterial, antimicrobial, lotion soap, hair and body shampoo soap, even waterless hand cleaner all at affordable wholesale prices! Our inexpensive wholesale liquid hand soaps make it simple to stay germ-free and allows for greater productivity and perhaps even fewer sick days and who wouldn’t want that? Be sure to buy our wholesale liquid hand soap in bulk to always have enough on hand and don’t forget to check our equally extensive line of bulk liquid hand soap dispensers also at low, wholesale prices. Rock-bottom prices on all of the top brand name products with no membership fees is what we are all about. We want to save you money because that is what we also want to do when we shop. CleanItSupply.com – the wholesale janitorial supply company buyers trust.

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Boardwalk Pink Lotion Hand Soap, Pleasant Scent, 4 Gallons (BWK410CT)

Boardwalk White Lotion Soap Refills, Pleasant Scent, 4 Gallons (BWK420CT)

Boardwalk 430 Antibacterial Hand Soap, Floral Balsam, 1 Gallon (BWK430EA)

Softsoap Moisturizing Hand Soap with Aloe, 4 Gallons (CPC01900CT)

Boardwalk 430 Antibacterial Lotion Soap, Floral Balsam, 4 Gallons (BWK430CT)

Softsoap Moisturizing Hand Soap with Aloe Refill, 1 Gallon Bottle (CPC01900EA)

Micrell Antibacterial Lotion Soap, Unscented, 1 Gallon (GOJ975504EA)

Scott Pink Lotion Skin Cleanser, Peach, 1 Gallon Bottle, 4/Carton (KCC91300CT)

Boraxo Liquid Lotion Soap, Pink, Floral Fragrance, 4 Gallons (DIA02709)

Dial Body and Hair Shampoo, Gender-Neutral Peach Scent, 4 Gallons (DIA03986)

Dial Basics Hypoallergenic Liquid Hand Soap, Fresh Floral, 4 Gallons (DIA06047)

Gojo Bulk Pour All-Purpose Pink Lotion Soap, 4 Bottles (GOJ180704)

Gojo White Skin Cleansing Lotion, Floral Scent, 4 Gallons (GOJ181204)

Safeguard 02699 Liquid Antibacterial Hand Soap Refills, 2 Gallons (PGC02699)

Genuine Joe Liquid Hand Soap with Conditioners, 1 Gallon Bottle (GJO02105)

Genuine Joe Antibacterial Moisturizing 64-oz Hand Soap Refill (GJO10458)

Softsoap Moisturizing Hand Soap Refill w/Aloe, 56-oz, 6 Refills (CPC26988)

Gel Hand Wash Refill, Pink Grapefruit, 34-oz Pouch, 6 Refills (MTH00655CT)

Dial Basics Liquid Hand Soap, Fresh Floral, 1 Gallon Bottle (DIA06047EA)

Dail Antimicrobial Liquid Hand Soap w/Moisturizers, 1L, 8 Refills (DIA84029)

Genuine Joe All Purpose Skin Cleanser, 4 Gallons (GJO02105CT)

Genuine Joe Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap, 64-oz, 4 Refills (GJO10458CT)

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Georgia Pacific Automated Touchless Soap/Sanitizer Refill, 2 Refills (GPC42718)

Namco Mfg Inc Thick N Sudsy Pink Lotion Soap, 1 gal., Case of 4 (5058-1)

Seventh Generation Professional Hand Wash, Free and Clear, 1 Gallon (SEV44731EA)

SKILCRAFT Bathroom Dispenser Hand Soap, Biobased, 1 Gal, CL (NSN2280598)

Softsoap 50 oz Hand Soap Refill w/ Aloe, Fresh, 6 Refills (CPC45992)

Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap Refills, Fresh, 50 oz, 6/Carton (CPC05262CT)

Softsoap 50 oz Liquid Hand Soap Refills, Fresh, Orange, 6 Refills (CPC05261CT)

Softsoap Premium Liquid Hand Soap, Basil, Lime, 13 oz, 4/Carton (CPC46827)

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Impact ClearVu Encore Liquid Soap Dispenser, 30 oz,Gray (IMP9331)

SKILCRAFT Bathroom Dispenser Hand Soap, Biobased, 1 Gal, 6/Ct, Cl (NSN2280598CT)