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Bulk Liquid Soap Dispensers

Dirt, germs and illness-causing bacteria is everywhere. Keep germs at bay by installing our bulk liquid soap dispensers at every sink, in every shower, anywhere in your home, office or shop that requires washing up. CleanItSupply.com offers a variety of bulk liquid soaps at wholesale to choose from to complement your restroom, kitchen or home décor. Many are constructed to accommodate a wide variety of liquid and lotions soaps including antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiseptic soaps. Metal, plastic, colored, clear, stainless-steel look, even touchless options are just a few types of the liquid soap dispensers that we offer. Place the dispensers at all of your sinks for liquid soaps, lotions, and detergents and in all your showers for liquid soaps, lotions, shampoos, and conditioners. There are endless places and uses for liquid soap dispensers such as the obvious restrooms and kitchens, but also in locker rooms, in gyms, at public pools and private swim clubs, at country clubs, in janitorial closets, even in the convenience of your own home. One of our liquid soap dispensers even has an unbreakable refill window and hinged filler top with key lock to prevent vandalism – an ideal choice for restrooms in parks, libraries, malls, and schools.  With prices this low, don’t forget to also stock up on our bulk liquid soaps. CleanItSupply.com is your one-stop-shop for all your janitorial supply needs.

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Classic Series Surface-Mounted Soap Dispenser, 1 Each (BOB 2112)

Contura Lavatory-Mounted Liquid Soap Dispenser, 1 Each (BOB 822)

Bobrick Contura Hand Soap Dispenser, Stainless Steel (BOB 4112)

Surface-Mounted Liquid Soap Dispenser, Black/Gray, 1 Each (BOB 40)

Impact Deluxe Triad Soap Dispenser (IMP9352)

Kutol Capacity Plus Dispenser - Gray (KUT9975ZPL)

Palmer Bulk Soap Dispenser, 30-oz Capacity, 1 Each (PFO-SD0030-01)

Palmer Manual Bulk Soap Dispenser, 46-oz. Capacity, Each (PFO-SD0046-01)

Palmer Electronic Touchless Bulk Soap Dispenser, White (PFO-SE0800-17)

Palmer Electronic Touchless Bulk Soap Dispenser, Stainless Steel (PFO-SE0800-09)

Bobrick ClassicSeries Surface-Mounted Soap Dispenser, 40-oz, Black/Gray (BOB40)

Bobrick Surface-Mounted Soap Dispenser,40-oz,Stainless Steel Satin (BOB4112)

Bobrick Lavatory-Mounted Soap Dispenser, 34 oz., 1 Each (BOB822)

Genuine Joe Soap Dispenser, 31-1/2oz Capacity, Stainless Steel (GJO02201)

Genuine Joe Foam-Eeze 1000 ml Refillable Foam Soap Dispenser, White (GJO08950)

Genuine Joe 1000ml Liquid Soap Dispenser, White/Gray (GJO08951)

GOJO Shield Floor & Wall Protector, White, 1 Each (GOJ1045WHT12)

Genuine Joe Foam-Eeze 1000 ml Refillable Foam Soap Dispensers (GJO08950CT)

Genuine Joe 1000 ml Refillable Foam Soap Dispenser, Black (GJO85138)

Genuine Joe 1000 ml Refillable Foam Soap Dispensers, 12 Dispensers (GJO85138CT)

Impact ClearVu Encore Liquid Soap Dispenser, 30 oz,Gray, 12 Dispensers (IMP9331)