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Dry Deodorants

Smells are all around us in our homes and businesses and while some smells can be delightful, others can be very unpleasant. Not to worry; while offensive odors can be a big problem, the solution is an easy one. An effective, high quality air freshener will eliminate odors at their source, leaving your environment smelling fresh and clean. CleanItSupply.com - a janitorial supply distributor, carries a large assortment of air fresheners and odor control products, including dry deodorants and dry air fresheners at low, wholesale prices. Our online store stocks dry deodorants in a variety of formulas from stick-up deodorants and odor eliminator powder to air freshener solids and absorbent powders.

Absorbent powder is the ideal product for dealing with messy liquid messes, transforming them into a semi-solid mass that is easy to clean while neutralizing odor. Dry Air & Fabric Deodorizer quickly and effectively eliminates unpleasant odors without the messy fallout that you get from the average aerosol air freshener. Because it’s a dry product, it can also be used on fabrics to reach trapped odors and eliminate them without staining the fabric. These are just a few examples of the dry air freshening products we carry, so be sure to browse our entire stock to find the dry deodorizer that suits your needs as well as your budget.

Here at CleanItSupply.com, it is our mission to offer high quality products at low prices, but providing our customers with superior service is just as important to us. We train our employees extensively in all of the products we offer so they can effectively assist customers with their purchases. When you call our toll free number or click to chat live, you will be immediately connected with one of our representatives standing by to help you choose the products that will work best for your location, lifestyle and budget. If you haven’t shopped CleanItSupply. yet, check us out for all of your janitorial and cleaning supply needs. Call or click today to save!

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Big D Industries D-Vour Absorbent Powder, Lemon, 6 Cans (BGD 166)

Granular Deodorant, Liquid absorber, Lemon Scent, 12 Canisters (BGD150)

Mini D Stick-Up Deodorant, Lemon Scent, 12 Deodorants Pads (BGD604)

Renuzit Super Odor Killer Solid Air Freshener, 12 Packs(DIA03659CT)

Fresh Citro Fresh Dumpster Odor Eliminator (FRSCITRO5)

Simoniz Tropic Breeze Dry Air & Fabric Deodorizer, 12 Cans (SIM-S3348012)

Renuzit Odor Neutralizer Gel, Snuggle Original Scent (DIA03659)

Wd-40 Carpet Fresh Professional, Fresh, 20oz, Shaker Can, 12/Carton (WDF280300)

Big D Industries D-Vour Absorbent Powder, Canister, Lemon, 16 oz, 6/Ctn (BGD166)

Arm & Hammer Carpet & Room Odor Eliminator, 9 Boxes (CDC3320084113CT)

Arm & Hammer Unscented Powder Trash Can & Dumpster Deodorizer (CDC3320084116CT)

Big D Industries Dumpster D Plus C, Neutral, 25lb, Bucket (BGD178)

Misty Metered Dry Deodorizer, Lemon Peel, 12 Refills (AMR1001744)

Diversey Odor Counteractant Pellets, Fresh Floral, 16-lb Pail (DVO100871126)

Citro Fresh Dumpster Odor Eliminator, Citronella, 12 Canisters (FRSCITRO12)

Green Klean GONE Foul Odor Removing Kit, 2 Kits (GK-ORGONE-2P)

Fresh Products Easy Fresh 2.0 Air Freshener 4.8oz,12 Air Fresheners (FRSEF12CBL)

Glade Air Freshener, Clean Linen, 12 Aerosol Cans (SJN682277)

Franklin Cleaning Powdered Odor Eliminator, Floral Scent, 12 Cans (FKLK600493CT)

Namco Mfg Inc Super Destroyer Odor Eliminator, 1 gal., Case of 4 (2050B-1)

Namco Mfg Inc Tangelo Degreaser and Deodorizer, 1 gal., Case of 4 (2051-1)

Namco Mfg Inc Everlast Oil Based Deodorizer, 1 gal., Case of 4 (2054)

Namco Mfg Inc Ozone Odor Remover (2122)

Namco Mfg Inc PH-1200 With Spring Green Deodorizer, 1 gal., Case of 4 (2033A-1)

Fresh Products myfresh Refill, Seaside Breeze, 6 Refills (FRSMYFF6I036M54)

Fresh Products myfresh Refill, Coconut Vanilla, 6 Refills (FRSMYFF6I036M72)

Fresh Products myfresh Refill, Tea Lily, 6 Refills (FRSMYFF6I036M78)

Fresh Products myfresh Refill, Alpine Forest, 6 Refills (FRSMYFF6I036M89)

Citrus Magic Solid Air Freshener, Fresh Citrus, 12 Fresheners (BMT616472149CT)

Citrus Magic Air Freshener, Fresh Citrus, 12.8Oz, 6 Fresheners (BMT618372831CT)

Citrus Magic Air Freshener, Solid, Pure Linen, 8 Oz, 3/Pk, Blue (BMT616472495)