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Clorox Hand Sanitizers provide a simple, easy and affordable way to keep your hands clean. Eliminating up to 99.999% of germs on hands in only 15 seconds, Clorox sanitizer is the ideal tool to remaining healthy and clean in almost any situation. The Clorox brand is known for killing germs on contact already so trusting them for providing effective hand sanitizer is only natural.

With the constant threat of illnesses, such as the common cold, influenza, even the norovirus, it is imperative to eliminate as many germs as possible on your hands. Halt the spread of sickness to your family and coworkers as well as yourself with Clorox hand sanitizer spray. This bleach-free, alcohol-based spray is a fragrance-free formula that moisturizes hands without feeling sticky or greasy. Because it does not contain bleach, it is color fabric safe. Check out the Clorox Hand Sanitizer MSDS and our spray hand sanitizer refills. Clorox Hand Sanitizer is formulated with 71% ethyl alcohol and provides strong efficacy. Spray delivery of the sanitizer provides excellent coverage and will not leave hands sticky or greasy like sanitizing foam or gel can. Just simply apply onto the palm, fingernails, cuticles, and skin furrows to eliminate microorganisms.

In addition to protection and germ elimination, Clorox hand sanitizer ingredients include premium emollients, such as glycerin and glycerol monolaurate, that moisturize skin and keep hands soft. Offered in a variety of dispensing options for your facility's needs, Clorox hand sanitizing dispensers include wall-mount touchless as well as manual dispensing. Perhaps our easy-to-install rack option is the right choice for your location. Of course whichever hand sanitizers you feel are right for you, be certain to shop here at, where quality and affordability go hand-in-hand. For all of your skin care & hand soaps, click through our site to not only shop hand sanitizer sprays and dispensers but also janitorial supplies or anything else you need for your home or office. Our inventory is in stock and ready to ship. Shop with us today and save!

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Clorox 30243 Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Refill, 1000 mL, 4 Refills (CLO30243CT)

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Clorox 30243 Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Spray Refill, 1000 mL Refill (CLO30243)

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Clorox Hand Sanitizer, 2 oz Spray Bottles, 24 per Carton (CLO02174)