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Lexol Leather Cleaning Products

Lexol Leather Cleaning Products offer some of the best and most reputable leather cleaners, leather conditioners and protectants on the market.  Lexol also offers vinyl cleaners, vinyl protectants, tire shine and application sponges.  Lexol offers their products in the form of wipes, ready-to-use spray bottles and in larger bulk sizes for additional savings. Lexol Leather products are perfect for keeping the interior of your car, boat leather furniture looking brand new.  Shop for your favorite Lexol products with the lowest prices everyday at CleanItSupply.com. 

Discount Leather Cleaning Products by Lexol are designed primarily for car care, but can be used on boats, shoes, boots, furniture and practically any vinyl or leather surface.  Lexol leather cleaning products are effective, affordable and convenient.  Keep a 4 oz. spray bottle or a packet of wipes in your glove box for quick clean-ups, or condition your leather to keep it rich and soft.  Lexol is the professionals choice for keeping leather and vinyl surfaces looking like new!

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