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In a world where we enjoy dining out, we need to have someplace to store and transport all of that delicious food for also eating in the comfort of our home or anywhere else we would like. Takeout containers are the perfect solution for transporting and storing food from restaurants, food trucks, cafeterias, and any other food service business. Whether you are in search of foam, paper and plastic containers or deli, aluminum and take out containers, you can be sure that CleanItSupply.com has just what you need at a great price.

If you are looking for a single compartment container or a 3 compartment take out box, we have what you need. Soups, salads and sandwiches can all be taken where you would like with our wide variety of to-go boxes. When you need your hot food to stay hot and your cold food to stay cold, you can be sure that our insulated containers will not let you down and will keep your food tasting fresh longer. Looking for something a bit more environmentally responsible? Our compostable sugarcane containers are made from 100% reclaimed and annually renewable materials. Not only are they sturdy and grease proof but are also cut resistant. These take out containers are a perfect choice for both hot and cold food items and are freezer and microwave safe.

No need to sacrifice quality for affordability. Here at CleanItSupply.com we believe you can have both. We offer a vast selection of takeout containers from top brand names such as Solo, Chinet and many more. All of our containers are reliable and budget-friendly. Be sure to stock up and buy in bulk to save even more. Browse through our site for any other food service restaurant supplies to check off your shopping list today!

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Dart 16-oz. Foam Food Containers, 500 Containers (DCC 16MJ20)
ClearSeal Large Plastic Hinged Container, 200 Containers (DCC C95PST1)
#4 ChampPak Kraft Carryout Boxes, 160 Boxes (SCH 0734)
#4 ChampPak White Carryout Boxes, 160 Boxes (SCH 0744)
Streetside 16-oz. Paper Food Containers, 500 Containers (HUH70316C)
Boardwalk 9-In. Round Aluminum Containers, 500 Containers  (BWK ROUND9)
Sugarcane Clamshell Takeout Containers, 6 x 6 x 3, 500 Containers (ECOEPHC6)
Sugarcane Clamshell Takeout Contaners, 9 x 9 x 3, 200 Containers (ECP EP-HC91)
Sugarcane Clamshells, 3-Section, 200 Containers (ECP EP-HC93)
Vented Snap-It Foam Hinged Containers, 9-1/4 x 9-1/4 x 3 (GNP SN200V)
Genpak Foam Hinged Container, 3 Compartment, 200 Containers (GNP SN203V)
Vented Snap-It Hinged Containers, 8-1/4 x 8 x 3, 200 Containers (GNPSN240V)
3 Compartment Vented Snap-It Hinged Containers, 8-1/4 x 8 x 3 (GNPSN243V)
Chinet Cup Holder Tray, Fits: 8 to 32-oz. Cups, 300 Trays (HUH20938)
Chinet Cup Holder Tray, Fits Cups: 8 to 22oz., 300 Trays (HUH20939)
Pactiv Sandwich Containers with Dome Lids, 500 Containers (PCTYCI81160)
16-oz. Versatainer Round Food Containers, 150 Containers  (PAC NC718B)
38-oz. Versatainer Rectangular Food Containers, 150 Containers (PAC NC888B)
Cold Food Deli Box, Large Snack, 200 Containers (SCC 844001-PS94)
OctaView Cold Food Containers, 9-In. Deep, 100 Containers (SCC864612PS94)
OctaView Cold Food Containers, 9-In. 3-Section, 100 Containers (SCC864628PS94)
Eco-Products Compostable Clamshell Food Container, White, 200/Carton (ECOEPHC91)
Hot Food Container, Hinged 3-Compartment, 9 x 9 x 3, 200 per Carton (ECOEPHC93)
Dart Insulated Foam Food Container, White, 16oz, 25/Bag (DCC16MJ20)
Handi-Foil Foil Laminated Board Lid, Fits 2061, 2062 (HFA2062L)
Solo Cup 165 Oz. Untreated Paper Bucket, 100 Buckets (FOR-0266)
Pactiv Octagon 7.75" Deep Pete Clamshell - 7.75" X 7.75" X 3.25" - 29 Oz. - Black Base, 150/Case (FOR-1724)
Graphic Pckgng/Field Container Model B Carry Out Box - 10" X 6-3/4" X 2-1/2" 4 Cup Holes, 250/Case (FOR-0358)
Genpak Large 1 Compartment Foam Hinged Lid - 9-1/4" X 9-1/4" X 3" White (2/100), 200/Case (FOR-4529)
Genpak Large 1 Compartment Vented Hinged Lid - 9-1/4" X 9-1/3" X 3" White (2/100), 200/Case (FOR-5446)
Genpak Large 3 Compartment Foam Hinged Lid - 9-1/4" X 9-1/4" X 3" White (2/100), 200/Case (FOR-4515)
HFA 9" Round Aluminum Pan / Board Lid Combo, 250 Pans (FOR-4764)
Hfa 7" Round Aluminum Pan - 24 Oz. Capacity 1-15/32 Deep - Lid #4769/4693, 500/Case (FOR-6729)
Genpak Large 1 Compartment Foam Hinged Lid - 9-3/16" X 6-1/2" X 2-3/4" White (2/100), 200/Case (FOR-4491)
Genpak Genpak Large Shallow Hinged Lid Container - 9-3/16" X 6-1/2" X 2-5/8" White (2/100), 200/Case (FOR-7455)
Genpak Foam Hinged Lid Carryout Container, White/Red, 200 Containers (FOR-5827)
Dart Foam 1 Compartment Shallow Hinged Lid Container, 200 Containers (FOR-2329)
Genpak 7" Foam Hot Dog Hinged Lid - White - 7-3/8" X 3-9/16" X 2-1/4" (4/125), 500/Case (FOR-4634)
Genpak Medium Hoagie Foam Hinged Lid - 8-7/16" X 4-3/16" X 3-1/16" (4/125), 500/Case (FOR-4509)
Genpak Large Foam Hoagie Containers - White, 200 Hoagie Containers (FOR-4636)
Genpak Large Sandwich Foam Container, White, 500 Containers (FOR-4568)
Dart 3.5 oz. Foam Squat Food Container, 1,000 Containers (FOR-1905)
Dart 5" Dart Foam Sandwich Hinged Lid - 5-1/8" X 5-3/8" X 2-7/8" White (4/125), 500/Case (FOR-4872)
Dart 6" Dart Foam Sandwich Containers - White, 500 Containers (FOR-4873)
Huhtamaki Chinet 6/8 Oz. Containers, Uses Lid 89107, 1,000 Containers (FOR-3165)
Solo Cup Large Hinged Lid Deli Box, 200 containers (FOR-3470)
Dart Foam Medium 1 Compartment Food Containers - 200 Food Containers (FOR-4880)
Dart Large Foam Takeout Containers, White, 200 Containers (FOR-3344)
Dart Large Foam 3 Compartment Takeout Containers, 200 Food Containers (FOR-3345)
Dart Large Foam 1 Compartment Takeout Containers - 200 Containers (FOR-4882)
Dart Large Foam 3 Compartment Food Containers - 200 Food Containers (FOR-4883)
Pactiv Hexquisite Black 16" Combo, 25 Trays and Lids (FOR-2238)
Pactiv Hexquisite Black 18" Tray With Dome, 25 Combos (FOR-2239)
Pactiv Square Microwavable Black Container Combo, 150 Bases And Lids (FOR-5523)
Pactiv 16 Oz. Black Food Containers - Bases And Lids, 150 Containers (FOR-5564)
Pactiv Microwavable 3 Compartment Round Container, 150 Bases And Lids (FOR-4870)
Pactiv Black Microwavable Rectangular Containers, 150 Bases And Lids (FOR-1640)
Genpak Large 3 Compartment Foam Container, White, 200 Food Containers (FOR-4629)
Genpak Small 1 Compartment Foam Containers, White, 200 Containers (FOR-4530)
Genpak Small 3 Compartment Foam Food Container, White, 200 Containers (FOR-4514)
Genpak Medium 3 Compartment Food Containers, White, 200 Containers (FOR-4635)
Inline Large Sandwich Container w/ Hinged Lid - 500 Containers (FOR-3424)
Pactiv Smartlock Food Containers w/ Lid - Medium, 200 Containers (FOR-2984)
Pactiv Smartlock Sandwich Container w/Hinged Lid, 504 Containers (FOR-1600)
Pactiv Smartlock Food Container w/Hinged lid - Foam, 150 Containers (FOR-3109)
Pactiv Smartlock 3 Compartment Food Containers, White, 150 Containers (FOR-7233)
Pactiv Large 1 Compartment Food Container w/ Lid, 150 Food Containers (FOR-2516)
Pactiv 3 Compartment Foam Food Containers, White, 150 Food Containers (FOR-2328)
Pactiv Foam Food Container w/Lids, 150 Foam Food Containers (FOR-3793)
Pactiv 7.25" Hot Dog Containers w/Lid, 504 Foam Hot Dog Containers (FOR-3797)
Boardwalk Round Aluminum To-Go Containers, 500/Carton (BWKROUND9)
Dart ClearSeal Plastic Hinged Food Container, Large, Clear, 100/CT (DCCC95PST1)
Dart Foam Hinged Lid Containers, 9.375 x 9.375 x 3, White, 200/Ctn (DCC90HT1R)
Pactiv VERSAtainers, 1-Comp, Black/Clear, 16oz, 6"dia, 150/Carton (PCTNC718B)
Pactiv VERSAtainers, Black/Clear, 38oz, 6w x 8 1/2d x 2h, 150/Carton (PCTNC888B)