Smooth Hand Cleaner Cream


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Smooth Hand Cleaner Cream

Some jobs can be really dirty, and for those times when extra hand cleaning power is needed, Smooth Hand Cleaner Cream can be effective for removing a wide range of stubborn industrial soils. stocks Gojo hand crèmes in original, lemon and orange scents specially formulated to remove heavy duty grease, tar and oil from hands quickly and easily. Ideal for worksites where water may not be available, Gojo hand cleaning crème can be used with or without water; just rub it on your hands and clean them with a towel. Gojo has been providing skin hygiene solutions to customers for years and their Smooth Hand Cleaner Creams are available in a variety of formulas, capacities and bulk quantities. No matter what formula you choose, Gojo’s hand cleaning creams leave skin feeling soft and clean. Once you have chosen your hand cleaning product be sure to pick up a dispenser for use with Gojo’s cream cleaners. We offer high quality hand cleaners and dispensers at low wholesale prices that will work with any budget so why shop anywhere else?

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Gojo Original Formula Hand Cleaner Creme, 12 Containers (GOJ1109)

Gojo 1115 Original Formula Creme Hand Cleaner, 6 Cartridge Refills (GOJ 1115)

Gojo 1115 Original Formula Hand Cleaner Creme Refills, 6 Cartridges (GOJ1115)